5 Steps to healthier hair


It starts in the shower

Using the right shampoo and conditioner is essential. We recommend pinpointing your main concern with your hair and selecting the products specific to helping you in that area.

Use a professional product that is concentrated with quality ingredients such as Davines Oi shampoo which is perfect for anti-aging. Store-bought shampoos tend to have more water, sulfates, and fillers with fewer vitamins, oils, and minerals than salon formulations.

Is Brushing your hair damaging it?

Sounds crazy right?! True, when hair is wet it is more vulnerable to breakage. Wet hair can stretch upto 50% of its original length. When you brush or use a fine tooth comb it can cause hair to stretch past its strength and snap off #OMG🙀

Use a safe and affordable brush like the WET BRUSH. Its bristles are flexible allowing the brush to glide through tangles without breaking your fragile locks.


Ponytail headaches

Yes! This is a real thing. Plus, if you are pulling your hair into a tight ponytail too often this can cause traction alopecia #thats🍌

If you pull your hair in a tight ponytail when wet you can cause breakage too!

“But I like to wear my hair up!”. We totally get it! Try a loose hair tie like THIS to safely wear your hair up and out of your face.


It’s getting HOT in here!

While heating tools are nesseccary to create beautiful finish styles they also can be causing damage to your locks.

Your tools if used daily should be replaced every other year. Make sure to keep your tools clean by wiping them down after sprays. Every week clean the back of your blow dryer to prevent it catching on fire 🔥😲

We recommend purchasing high end tools that are intelligently designed to keep your hair healthy and give you the results you desire. Try out our favorite Blow Dryer Here


Routine Check UP

It’s important to go see your Dentist and Doctor regularly but is it important to see your hairdresser 🤔?

ABSOLUTELY! Regular haircuts should be performed every 3-5 weeks for short hair, 6-8 medium length hair, and every 9-12 weeks for long hair. Everyday wear and tear will happen to your hair and can cause split ends. If you don’t cut off your split ends, they will split all the way up the hair shaft making it damaged, unheathy, frizzy and thin.

In addition, it is important that we check your scalp for skin conditions or unusual spots. Yes, us hairdressers are not doctors, but we might see something on your scalp that you can not and recommend you seeing a dermatologist.

Ok, so what are you waiting for…Book with us now!