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Our Story

With a history spanning over a decade of skin biopsy's biannually as a result of tanning bed usage and sunburns, Simply Tan’s owner, Katie Kane, spent a fortune on experimenting with sunless tanning. As a fair skin gal with freckles, all of the results were unsatisfying and never worked well with her skin tone. She was determined to provide, educate and succeed at creating a healthy natural looking alternative.

In the summer of 2017, Katie’s father was diagnosed with melanoma. This scary reality motivated Katie to bring awareness to the rise of skin cancer. From this, she started a business and named it Simply Tan. Simply Tan was created to promote a healthy lifestyle by providing a natural, organic sunless tanning alternative to harmful UV ray tanning.

Our mission is to offer and provide clients consistent, predictable and natural results with every spray tan. Simply tan uses a solution that is free of harsh dyes and chemicals, formulated by a doctor, and is FDA approved. Our vision is to be an exceptional airbrush spray tanning company that offers a customized service, educates on the benefits of spray tanning, and gives customers confidence with every appointment.

Katie’s background of over a decade was in Fashion Merchandising in NYC. Her fashion career consisted of 6 years each at Tory Burch and Ralph Lauren, which gave her an incredible strong view on how to express yourself and create your own style.

“Fashion is feeling confident in your own skin and essentially dressing your skin with pride and unique style. Creating Simply Tan was a seamless career expansion for me. The main difference being, instead of creating clothes that women feel empowered in, I am providing confidence, comfort and peace of mind for the skin that is revealed beyond the clothes. My goal is to give our clients encouragement to protect their skin by wearing Simply Tan.”