Hot Summer Essentials

We are finally in the thick of summer! That means s’ mores, barbeques, and late summer heat. It’s pretty easy to get caught up in the summer activities and forget to take care of yourself, but no worries! That is why we are here! 


It is important to put just as much thought into your daily beauty regime as it is to your beach days and summer nights out! Your skin is the largest organ in your body and is the “protector” of our bodies. It’s important to wear SPF every day all year round, but it’s especially important in the summer because the UV rays are much stronger. According to the American Academy of Dermatology, skin cancer is the most common form of cancer in the United States. 

It may seem like a no-brainer, but to protect your skin from harsh UV rays to prevent skin cancer and visible aging, wear sunscreen! Brands like Glossier and Supergoop sell affordable and gentle sunscreens for all skin types. When looking for a good sunscreen, make sure to check the label for an SPF level of 15 or higher for the best protection. 


It’s important to make sure you're protecting your hair from the sun too! Sun-damaged hair can be brittle, dry and lose its color, so make sure to cover your hair with our favorite summer essential, a sun hat. If you forgot your sunhat at home on your last beach vacation, Refined Beauty has a few amazing products to help revive your hair and protect it from future damage. One of our favorites is the NOUNOU hair mask. This fast-acting mask is for chemically treated hair and deeply soothes and restores damaged hair. It also is great for hydration and soothing. 

And last but not least, our final summer essential is a reusable water bottle! Choosing to use a reusable water bottle is so important. Not only are they much cuter than your average plastic water bottles, but they are also so much better for the environment. At Refined Beauty, sustainability is one of our main focuses, and we love to educate our customers about other ways they can reduce their waste while performing self-care. We are loving S’Well water bottles at the moment. They have adorable designs that will match perfectly with any gym bag or office aesthetic. 


Drinking at least two liters of water a day will drastically improve the health of your skin and hair. And with a cute water bottle to accompany you in your daily activities, how could you not drink all that water! 

We hope this helps you finish off your summer strong! 


Refined Beauty

Spring is in the Hair!


Spring is finally here! That means a hair refresh and clean out.

It is high 40s here in Naperville, but we are crossing our fingers that warmer weather for springtime is right around the corner. Nevertheless, It is now the perfect season to take a look at all the products you have for your hair and makeup and start cleaning out for a new fresh season. Below is a checklist on what you can do to make your spring cleaning easy, and effortless.

  • Clean out your cabinet

    • The most obvious, but try to go through every can of hairspray, dry shampoo, oil…etc and see what can be tossed! Keep only your essential items that you will use on a daily basis and that will actually be used!

  • Snip Snip!

    • Get a trim at Refined Beauty. Spring is the perfect time to make sure your all your dry, dead-ends from winter are taken care of to keep it healthy and growing for this season.

  • Go Light

    • Lighten your locks to match the springtime sun with highlights or a balayage here at Refined Beauty!

  • Keep it simple

    • Keep your products simple. Heavy products may have been helpful during the winter but for spring, go for a more natural style. Find a great dry shampoo and some Moroccan oil or any of our Davines products. Receive a complimentary take home mask (Spotlight Circle Davines) with your purchase of any regular size item!

  • Clean up your styling tools

    • Something you may miss out doing is cleaning your brushes, and heat-styling tools like a curler or straighter. Dirt and grime builds up everywhere so make sure to clean off your tools with a damp cloth and rubbing alcohol.

      • Side note: CLEAN YOUR MAKEUP BRUSHES TOO! We suggest using gentle dish soap.

Last but not least…


    • If anything is best for cleaning our toxins in your body it is drinking a ton of water. Stay hydrated!

Have a wonderful spring!

XoXo Jennifer

Healthy Hair, Don't Care!

February is the month of love, but March is all about luck! With the over-saturation of Valentine’s Day we decided to do a post this month about keeping your hair healthy and with a little luck of the Irish you’ll have amazing, luscious locks to make those cool Celtic knots below on St. Patrick’s Day! Keep to our step-by-step regime up until March 17th and be amazed at how healthy your hair feels!

Our step-by-step process of getting (and keeping!) healthy hair:

Step 1. Chop

Cutting your hair is an essential way of keeping your hair healthy from dead ends, bleached, grown out hair and more. Let us help! Your average trim is around 2 inches, but if you take a little bit more off, your hair is sure to grow back better than ever.

Step 2. Condition

Davines Brush

Davines Brush

A good condition for your hair is the next, basic best step. Start at Refined Beauty with a deep conditioning treatment for only $10 until the end of February, then follow steps with our Davines products to do your own at-home care with leave in conditioners and amazing shampoos!

Step 3. A Good brush

Davines Hair Mist

Davines Hair Mist

This might not be something on your radar, but having a good brush with good bristles is actually extremely important. Your hair can become damaged from the constant pulling every day! We suggest Davines wooden mini-brush made from FSC Certified Wood.

Make sure you are always using a de-tangler as well - even after you condition!

Davines DEDE hair mist is the perfect spritz!

Step 4. Never Brush When Wet

Although all you want to do when you get out of the shower is brush your hair … Don’t! Your hair is weaker, more susceptible to breakage. Towel dry your hair gently and press the water out instead. If you must brush your hair though… use a wide-tooth comb, working from the ends of your hair on up.

Step 5. Biotin

Keratin is a basic protein that makes up your hair, skin, and nails and biotin can help improve your body's keratin infrastructure! Pick up a bottle at any Walgreens or CVS near you.

Feeling Lucky ☘️

One lucky person in March will win:

Cut + Balayage + Treatment + Style OVER $250 Value 


Take a selfie post it in your Instagram feed or story and tag Refined Beauty and use the hashtag #LUCKYRB

Winner will be announced March 17th!

We will also have: $25 off Brazilian Blowout Treatments all throughout March!

How do you take care of your hair? We are always open to new tips and tricks from sleeping on silk sheets, to conditioning with cold water! Leave us a comment below!



New Year, New Hair, New You

We all have 2019 resolutions. We all want to be better people in the new year. Let us make that happen for you! You have 365 days to be a better you. It may be a hair cut, changing your color, or just keeping it healthy; but a change in your hair can mean more confidence down the road. What are your #hairgoals for 2019? Below is our list on what you can do this year to keep your hair healthy!


Getting your hair cut every couple of months will help you maintain your healthy locks. Dead ends? No thanks. A quick trim every four to six weeks, will help with any growth on short hair (which is super trendy right now). If you're ready to grow your hair out, you can wait longer — up to four-six months before your first trim, and then every six-twelve weeks after that.

At Refined Beauty, Buy 1 get 1 50% on all take home conditioning treatments and love products to keep your new cut staying healthy!

Dry Shampoo is Your Friend

This year, re-learn how to wash your hair! Washing every day does damage to your hair and will take away your natural oils in your hair and scalp. Washing your hair every other day will help your hair in the long run! In addition to shampooing, the same goes for conditioning. Leave your conditioner on for a few minutes in the shower. After you get out, make sure you towel dry your hair first so it can be absorbed. Don’t forget leave in conditioners are also worth the investment in the winter!

Come in to Refined Beauty January and February for Deep Conditioning Treatments for only $10!

We love Davines Dry Shampoo!

We love Davines Dry Shampoo!

Don’t forget to protect!

Using tools like straighteners, blow dryers, curlers is all fun and games until your hair is damaged to no return! Make sure you are always protecting your hair with heat protection sprays before using your tools. This is often a step left out of everyday routines, but a very important one.

Looking for a blowout that will last a few days? Stop in to Refined Beauty for a $30 blowout!

Screen Shot 2019-01-18 at 10.48.24 AM.png

Ice Ice Balayage

Not ice ice baby…but ice ice balayage! ‘Tis the season for a new look. It’s almost the new year…Don’t ring it in without ringing out your old look. A trend that we are loving right now is called an iced balayage - perfect for the winter months ahead. So, as Style Craze said it…all you ladies who have always dreamed of actually looking like the ice queens that they are on the inside, listen up. Below are a few looks and tips for going platinum!

Tip #1. Color doesn’t cover color.

Your hair needs to be STRIPPED. You heard us right - stripped of all color. It doesn’t sound as scary as it may seem. The process takes 1-2 times depending on what level of darkness your hair has. If you are starting as a blonde… easy peasy!

Done by our very own stylist Sabryna!

Done by our very own stylist Sabryna!

TIP #2: Condition, Condition, Condition!

There will be bleach and probably a lot of it! Make sure you are prepared and make appointments for conditioning treatments as a routine follow-up appointment with toning your hair! **If you can’t make it in for a tone & condition… make sure you buy a purple shampoo!


TIP #3 Chop, Chop!

Prepare to chop off a few inches of hair! Bleaching can cause some damage, but working with a professional is always the way to go!


TIP #4: Tick Tock Goes The Clock

Prepare to stay awhile! Processing takes a long time when going platinum! Make sure you have a huge chunk of your day ready before making your appointment!


Knot Your Average Thanksgiving Look

Most of us have this annoying issue on Thanksgiving: We want to look cute, but we end up with smudged makeup and our hair up in a messy bun by the actual feast. The heat. The steam. Oh my!

Here at Refined Beauty, we want to help you with navigating through the start of the holiday season with a super easy hair idea, the perfect long-lasting concealer, and a makeup setting spray that will have your makeup stuck to your face ALL. DAY. LONG.

Twist me Pretty

Twist me Pretty

  • The Dutch Braid:

    • The easiest way to look put together, is doing something fun to your hair. Whether that be a fun updo, a simple sleek ponytail, or an effortless braid. For Thanksgiving why not try to look effortless in front of your family with an awesome Dutch braid?

      1. The steps in a dutch braid are:

        1. 1. Split the hair into three sections
          2. Braid the left strand under the middle strand
          3. Move the sections into the left hand
          4. Braid the right strand under the middle strand
          5. Move the sections in the right hand
          6. Repeat

  • Concealer

    • Tarte Shape Tape

      • If you don’t want Aunt Nancy, or Uncle John to ask why you look so tired… never fear!… the best concealer is here! Tarte Shape Tape is a god send. It is a maximum coverage concealer that can be used for those under-eye circles you got from going out to too many Friendsgiving’s the week before…

via google

via google

  • Morphie Setting Spray

    • You don’t think your foundation is going to stay in place all day, do you? The secret is setting spray! Morphie has a great setting spray to make sure, steam, fire, sweat and the cheek-pinching (you hopefully won’t get) can’t move your beautiful makeup.

via google

via google

Have any Thanksgiving tips? Comment below!


No More Scary Hair!

Lets face it...The month of October can be hard on your hair. The weather gets dry and cold, hat hair becomes a thing and you test your halloween hairstyle one too many times before all the parties you’ll be attending. Then, November 1st rolls around and you can’t figure out why you’re hair is so damaged (and probably so teased you can’t get a brush through it!) We want to help you keep your hair healthy, while also helping you choose the BEST products to put in your hair for this month & Halloween week. From frizzy dried-out hair, to getting out glitter, the products below will work wonders on any hair type; in moderation of course. Your hair should only look scary on one day this month, not every day! 

1. A Potion for the Knots

Windy autumn day? Too much teasing after Halloween? Davines MOMO Hair Potion is for any hair in need of a lightweight hydration boost. Shower with MOMO shampoo and conditioner, apply the potion to towel-dry hair and *POOF* - just like magic, you’ll have your glossy hair back. 

2. Grip that Glitter

Will you be a unicorn, mermaid or martian this Halloween? If so, we all know that glitter will be involved. So, make sure you get a product that will grip it in place without damaging your hair. EVO’s Gangsta Grip Bonding Resin is the perfect product giving you strong hold, but easy wash out. 

3. 10/10 

Got hat hair? Beat the frizz with It’s a 10 Miracle Leave-in Product. This little bottle is definitely a bang-for-your-buck type of deal. Spray at night and wake up with gorgeous hair. 

4. It’s Weather Proof 

Keeping you hair in place for Halloween might be difficult for some hairsprays, but for Big Sexy Hair, it’s a walk in the park, no really…you can totally walk in the park, in the wind and rain and you’re hair will still come out amazing (ok, maybe a light drizzle.) Our two favorites are Big Sexy Hair’s Weather Proof and Stay Intense Hold Hairspray 

6. A Professional Wash 

Sometimes even after you try to do everything at home, you still need professional help. That’s OK! Keeping your hair healthy means maintaining a deep condition and getting rid of those split ends. Consider getting a deep wash and trim at Refined Beauty Boutique to keep your locks luscious and looking beautiful! 

Have any other products you’ve found to work wonders in the fall? We want to hear about it! Comment below on what you’ve used for your hair! #RefinedBeautyBoutique 

Gym Beauty "Must Haves"

We are in the golden age of the “go, go, go” mentality. Everything is immediate and we all need to be as efficient as possible to get through our very busy lives. Sometimes, it’s hard to stay pretty all day long, but that’s why this post is dedicated to those girls (and guys!) who need a quick beauty routine after they’ve worked out in the middle of the day, between meetings and need to look just as fresh as they did before! 

Screen Shot 2018-09-17 at 5.00.23 PM.png


A must (obviously). Not all deodorant is treated equal though. This one is amazing and will help you stay smelling fresh for hours after putting it on.

Screen Shot 2018-09-17 at 5.00.39 PM.png

Cleansing wipes

A quicker wash for your face and the towelettes clean your face way better than just splashing cold water as soap on your face.

Screen Shot 2018-09-17 at 5.01.03 PM.png

Sweat Proof Mascara

Start your day with some waterproof mascara and it will last through the last of the summer heat AND your mid-day gym workout. Remember: efficiently is key here people!

Screen Shot 2018-09-17 at 5.02.10 PM.png

Dry Shampoo

We swear by this dry shampoo and thank the beauty gods that Davines gave us this product. It is sold at Refined Beauty, so don’t forget to pick up a bottle of magic when you’re in next!



Lululemon knows how to tame those pesky flyways with their fly away tamer headband. No slipping, no readjusting, just an awesome workout ahead of you!

What are you packing in your gym bag? What are some of your gym beauty hacks? Tell us below! 

Back to School Essentials to Keep You Moisturized and Prioritized

As the school year approaches, it is very important to take advantage of the calm before the storm and take some steps to care for your well-deserving self!



A great way to start off the new academic year is with a fresh haircut. With plenty of trendy styles to choose from or even just a quick trim a small change can help you head back to school on the right foot! You can easily make your appointment with Refined Beauty using our easily accessible online booking!


The slightest time put aside for yourself is crucial for a healthy lifestyle. Self-care has been proven to improve stress management, increase your physical health status, and heighten your overall mood.




While on the “treat yourself” topic, this school essential is sure to be a great addition to your back to school haul. Urban Outfitters baby pink Adidas Original AdiColor Mini Backpack is perfect for any student.


Refresh + Wake Up

And of course, any new backpack needs to be filled with some favorite beauty products and Urban Decay and Mario Badescu have just that. Mario Badescu’s facial spray with aloe, herbs, and rosewater is the perfect product to wake you up on the early weekday mornings. Not only is this product perfect for boosting moisture and glow, but it is also cruelty-free!


Long Days

After you freshen up your skin, you can apply Urban Decay’s De-Slick Mattifying Powder. This product is great for long-lasting makeup and long days spent at school.



With all of these steps put into action, you are sure to have a stress free and beautified school year!



by Abbey Malbon 


Beauty Starts From the Inside Out (Literally)

Quite literally, true beauty begins from the inside out. This year, we've been hooked on natural beauty more than ever before and for so many reasons! It's a new way of self care, a totally new movement in the beauty industry, and simply the healthiest way to implement a quality beauty routine into your schedule. With all of the different recommendations and remedies out there, things can seem overwhelming and it can be hard to know what to trust. To keep things simple for you, keep reading to see our comprehensive list of dermatologist-approved foods you can begin inputting into your diet for an au naturale beauty routine!

Image via Calorie Secrets

Image via Calorie Secrets

For a Lively Complexion

A natural, dewy look is all the rage right now and we're loving it! Instead of promoting cakey, unrealistic makeup looks or over-damaged hair styles, the beauty industry has geared its focus toward a healthier surface first. Meaning, your skin and hair need to be "in shape" first so that you're able to feel your best self from within, without any makeup or styling at all. For a smooth, plump, and revitalized look, add Paprika, Turmeric, and Walnuts into your diet. Seasoning meats and hearty dishes with paprika, throwing a dash of turmeric (anti-inflammatory antioxidants) into your smoothies, and walnuts (Vitmain E and fatty acids) into your salads create the perfect, delicious dose of both health and beauty benefits!

Oils & Avocados for Dry Skin

If you have classically dry hair or skin, it can mean many things: dehydration, over-washing, highly acidic product use, etc. While we recommend changing up your overall face/hair wash and water-intake routines, there are certain foods that can restore both with the moisture and TLC they need. Order that extra guac and implement nuts as a daily snack for just enough Vitamin E and healthy fatty oils! They go deep and restore the building blocks (the cells) of both hair and skin, giving you a natural remedy for curing dry skin. 

Ginger Rules All

No matter what type of remedy you're looking for, the first thing we're likely to recommend is ginger! The vitamin Bs, riboflavin, and zinc properties in ginger make for an all around dynamic food. With it's many antioxidants, it reduces inflammation, improves elasticity which adds shine, evens skin tone, and reduces & prevents radical damage. The list truly goes on and on! Add it easily to your diet through teas, smoothies, hot water remedies, stir frys, and baked goods.

Image via  Plant Origin

Image via Plant Origin

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Vitamin A & Cinnamon for Oily Skin

Who says carbs can't be good for you? With just enough Vitamin A, foods like sweet potatoes and carrots can help you eat your way to less oily hair and skin. They've been known to treat acne specifically and help balance out the amount of oils in the skin. A huge proponent in regulating the oils in skin and hair is through circulation and blood flow. Spices like cinnamon come to the rescue of those with oily skin and hair, as it helps oils get "back on track". Include it in things like baked goods, coffee & tea, smoothies, and oatmeal. 

Legumes & Seeds for All Around Growth

To give your hair and skin the strength it needs, focus on getting more protein and iron into your diet. Legumes, chia seeds, and flax seeds are known for their protein, fiber, and omega-3 properties that help give all-around TLC to the body. It not only restores hair and skin with these main benefits, it gives it a full-bodied, strong look and foundation. While you can sprinkle chia and flax seeds in almost any dish or beverage, implement legumes through soups, veggie burgers, or a bean relish.

Image via  Inspiyr

Image via Inspiyr

Greens & Berries for Preventative Care

When you think about preventative skin care, you may think it's just to prevent the look of aging and wrinkles. Including foods like berries and spinach into your diet (strong sources of Vitamin B, C, and E), not only helps to prevent wrinkle formation, they can also help prevent disease. They're both packed with antioxidants that help protect your skin and hair from the damage they go through on a daily basis. Implement them into your diet through breakfast dishes, salads, or snacks. 

What you put into your body shows in its overall performance. You're less likely to run a successful mile after eating a large-fry, and things like your skin, hair, and nails are much less likely to shine and grow to their full potential. Treating your skin and hair in a natural way can be done subtly through your diet and controlling what goes on inside your body. Getting the right vitamins and minerals with these foods is the best way to start!

Did your favorite foods makes the list? Share your natural beauty remedies with us in the comments below!

Top 5 Favorite Country Wedding Venues in the Chicagoland Suburbs

We love being a bridal salon & love our wedding vendor community even more! We are surrounded by incredible brides and top professionals who know what they’re doing, offer quality & unique services, and are just all around wonderful people. So wonderful in fact, we thought we’d give you a sneak peak at some of our favorite wedding venues, right here in the Chicagoland Suburbs. Read on to see why we love them so much and why we think you’ll end up taking a tour of at least one or two!

Emerson Creek

Refined Beauty Boutique 1.jpg
Refined Beauty Boutique 2.jpg

With over 15 bridal and guest amenities, the layout of the venue is only the beginning of the venue’s greatness. Known for their warm and welcoming hospitality, Emerson Creek prides themselves in their spacious-yet-cozy atmosphere. The venue is complete and accommodating to guests with multiple cocktail areas, a “bridal coop”, 7 scenic beautiful Midwestern acres, and so much more. Emerson Creek is every modern, Midwestern bride’s dream!

Heritage Prairie Farm

Image via  Elite Photo

Image via Elite Photo

We love Heritage Prarie Farm, especially for the creative, DIY bride. Known for their experience and friendly services, this venue sticks to their values and knows how to give a couple their dream wedding in a beautifully customized way. They always know how to set a tonal ambiance that is both effortlessly chic and perfectly rustic, coining their own style as “eco-chic” which we just love. If you’re a bride on the hunt for a country chic venue, Heritage Prarie Farm’s all-inclusive, highly recommended services and amenities are worth researching and touring!

Ashley Farms 


Refined Beauty Boutique 8.jpg
Refined Beauty Boutique 9.jpg
Images via  Ashley Farm

Images via Ashley Farm

This classic barn venue is both big and beautiful, critically acclaimed for its grandeur and worry-free experiences. While some of its interiors and exteriors are still evolving, they’re taking pride in constructing their venue features to fit the needs of guests and specifically for the simple, fun, and chic couple! Can you say Magnolia Silo vibes? We just can’t get enough!

Arranmore Farm and Polo Club

This open & welcoming venue is known for helping couples celebrate traditions and acting as their very own canvas when it comes to bringing country wedding dreams to life. With 300 acres of gorgeous lawn and sunset scenery, the Arranmore Farm and Polo Club pride themselves on taking a large space and making it feel like an intimate, home away from home. This venue is for the creative county bride, as she has all of the decor and styling possibilities at her finger tips. Let Mother Nature act as the perfect background, throw in some market lights, and you have the perfect wedding under the Chicagoland sky. 

Bryon Colby Barn

Refined Beauty Boutique 15.jpg
Refined Beauty Boutique 14.jpg
Images via  Bryon Colby Barn

Images via Bryon Colby Barn

Can you say rustic elegance? Byron Colby Barn is all about being accommodating to their brides by giving them ultimate DIY freedom to create the wedding of their dreams. Host your ceremony in their intimate, rustic barn, make guests comfortable in the unique Silo location, or host your cocktail hour in their tree-lined Market Square. With a beautifully lit reception area, you’re bound to have a perfect, nature-bound wedding from start to finish. 

Having the perfect wedding means finding the perfect vendors for you. How are they going to meet your expectations? Are they a good fit for you as people? What kind of effort is the team going to give? Since we’ve personally experienced all of these venues to be top-of-the-line, all that’s left to do is decide which one fits your personal style and budget.

If there are any venues you think should have made the list, comment with your favorite Chicagoland venue in the comment section below!

Summer Hair Trends & How to Treat Them

Summer is for soft tones and fun styles! To accomplish any look while keeping your hair healthy, it's important to invest time and research in the best products out there. Lucky for you, we've done the research, so now it's time for you to sit back, absorb the inspo, and shop our most favorite Summer products to keep your hair Summer ready! Read on!

Textured Waves

Image via  Pinterest

Image via Pinterest

You can never go wrong with simply textured waves for Summer. It's the reigning trend of Summer and made possible with the perfect Hot Tools iron and hair SPF.

What to treat it with: Textured waves mean fun times in the sun and hopefully, soaking it up on the beach. No matter your style or occasion, make the Davines Su Milk hair SPF your best friend this Summer! 


Summer Shag

Image via  Z's Beauty

Image via Z's Beauty

It's time to bring some attitude to Summer and 2018 is the perfect year to do it. With just enough healthy texture and styling, you're going to be the hippest hottie at the beach! 

What to treat it with: Treating your hair to a beautiful shaggy texture takes time and styling. After so much styling and sporting it in the sun, you're going to need to replenish. Our favorite Davines Su Hair Mask will leave hair feeling renewed, rejuvenated, and rehydrated!


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Sleek & Straight Lob

Image via  Barney's

Image via Barney's

Thanks to icons like Jena Dewan, the sleek and straight bob/lob is breaking down the doors of traditional Summer trends. Protect your hair from that harsh heat and you'll be able to straighten your hair all Summer long while keeping it looking and feeling healthy.

What to treat it with: If you'll be straightening your hair often this Summer, you'll want to protect it from the harsh tool heat. Before you start straightening, evenly spritz your hair with the Davines Melu Hair Shine to keep hair nourished, strong, and ultra shiny. 


Mermaid Braids

Image via  Modern Salon

Image via Modern Salon

Get active or finalize a look with the perfect mermaid braid. Our only request? Be sure to keep your scalp, shoulders, and hair happy. 

What to treat it with and how: There's nothing better than a beautifully swept back braid for Summer. While no heat is needed, using a protectant like the Davines Su Hair & Body Wash for scalp, hair, and shoulder coverage is crucial. 


Summer Better Be Ready for You

Once you have your favorite hairstyle down and you treat it with the best of the best, you're set for Summer. So set in fact, Summer better watch out for you! When your hair looks good & feels good, you'll ultimately feel amazing. Have more Summer hair care questions for us? Share with us in the comments below!

Ready for another AMAZING giveaway? You get the first sneak peak below! Stay tuned here and win BIG!

Refined Beauty Boutique Giveaway.png

Refined Beauty's Father's Day Gift Guide

Father's Day is coming up quick and we're actually VERY excited about it! It's a time to show Dad's how special they are and show them all of the awesome gifts/trinkets/hair care products they've been missing out on. If you're ready to show Dad just how much you love him and give him what a great Dad deserves, keep reading for our favorite men's care ideas!

Refined Beauty 5.jpg

Forming Pomade

If you have a Dad that's blessed with a beautiful head of hair, he may or may not be into styling it. Whether he is or not, making sure he has a forming pomade in his drawer is important. Why? Well, if he does style his hair, he'll absolutely LOVE this natural Davines pomade as it's non-greasy and smells heavenly. If he's not really into styling his hair, this is the perfect product to start easing him into it, as it makes things easily workable and perfect for all hair types!

Refined Beauty 1.png

Book Dad for a Cut, Color, or Deep Condition here!

Molding Clay

For events both casual and formal, giving the gift of the Davines strong molding clay will answer all of Dad's presentable-hair problems. It'll truly be his right-hand man for any events on his calendar, making him the suavest guy in the room!

Refined Beauty 2.png

Men’s Finishing Puck products: 30% OFF all of June ☀️

Shine Wax

If Dad loves his man bun or a sleeker look, he NEEDS this miracle shine wax in his drawer. Whether he uses it with hot tools or not, this wax creates a light wavy effect on normal to coarse hair and keeps everything in place. It's perfect for a day at the office, a guys trip to Vegas, or a date night with Mom!

Refined Beauty 3.png

Finishing Gum

What exactly is a finishing gum and why does your Dad need it? Well, most male hair types require a medium - strong hold since men's hair tends to be on the coarse end of the spectrum. This particular styling gum is perfect for men who like a structured & styled look but minimal shine. 

Refined Beauty 4.png

Papa Needs a Brand New Hair Care Stash

Now that you know the perfect Father's day gift ideas for Dad this year, he'll be looking slick in no time, all thanks you you! Whether you know a Dad that loves his self care products or none at all, these Davines products are perfect for Dads at any stage and any personal style. 

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The Jetsetting Beauty: Ultimate Travel Beauty Tips

If your beauty routine goes with you high and low, we're sure you love investing in the best travel tools to make your nomading an easy breezy process. If you have some fun travels coming up but you're wanting to learn more about the best jetsetting beauty tools, then you've come to the right place! Keep reading to see our favorite, most highly-recommended travel beauty tools in the industry!

Refined Beauty Boutique.png

Hair Drying: Flight Travel Dryer GHD

We love a good hotel blow dryer... Said no one EVER. Let's avoid that "effective" hair-sucking technique and invest in something lightweight and stylist-approved.  We could rave about the Flight Travel Dryer GHD all day long as it's effective shape and quality mechanics leave hair looking as fresh as it does at home.

Enter Our MAY Giveaway for a Blowout Style and SO much more - Ends June 1st!

Image via Urban Outfitters

Image via Urban Outfitters

Image via  Nordstrom

Image via Nordstrom

Tweezers: Mini Tool Palette

From pesky fly always to that incoming uni, it's always a good idea to have a pair of tweezers on you. Especially when traveling. One of our favorite brands, the Tweezerman mini tweezers, have the best pull with much less ouch than its competitors. Invest in the mini tool palette and you have yourself the quickest, cutest traveling brow tools!

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Images via  Tweezerman

Images via Tweezerman

Dry Shampoo: Davines Hair Refresher

How did we ever survive without dry shampoo? While the product has come along way, it's now a traveling necessity, whether you're a beauty-buff or not. It's perfect for any type of trip, lightweight, and requires very little use to be effective. You already know what our favorite brand is: Davines Hair Refresher. It leaves the scalp feeling clean and hair smelling heavenly!

Image via Davines

Image via Davines

Hydration: Rose Hibiscus Hydrating Face Mist

One of the toughest parts about traveling is feeling un-refreshed but unable to reach a refresh "station". If you're constantly on the go, it's the mini, refreshing products that make a huge difference. Whether you're in a hot part of the world or just a need a little pick-me-up, never underestimate the powers of a hydrating face mist, especially one with an amazing rose scent!

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Images via  Herbivore

Images via Herbivore

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Image via  Bonjour Blue

Image via Bonjour Blue

Being a busy traveler doesn't have to put a dent in your beauty routine. Stay on track with these appropriate sized, trendy, and raved about products. If you already own them, what traveling beauty tools do you take in your carry on?! Share with us in the comments below!

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The Best Beauty Tools to Have in your Drawer ASAP

The colder seasons have passed and it's time to start thinking about changing up & making additions to our beauty drawers. Whether you're a professional stylist or professional beauty lover, we gathered a list of the BEST beauty tools that are sure to give you the perfect change up in your overall beauty routine.

Keep reading to see what we picked out just for you!

Image via  Manicare

Image via Manicare

Get Summer Color ready at Refined Beauty Boutique!

Mason Pearson Brush

Have you noticed that your current brush just isn't doing anything for your hair or even worse, damaging it? One of the main things we stress to our clients (and our stylists) is the importance of a quality hair brush. We consider ourselves to bet the #1 fan of the Mason Pearson Brush as it's bristles are made to last, be gentle when detangling your hair, and contour it's pneumatic cushion to your scalp.

Images via Anthropologie and The Zoe Report


Cameron Street Daisy Briley Makeup Bag Set 

There's no shame in having a makeup bag that's both quality and ample in size (and super adorable). Our current favorite, the Kate Spade Cameron Street Daisy Briley makeup bag set, is known for its durable quality, spacious leather interior, and included cosmetic containers (ummm, SCORE!). Treat yourself to this beauty for Summer and we promise you'll have zero regrets.

Images via Kate Spade


Charlotte Tilbury Life Changing Lash Curler

Lash treatment and care have been all the rage this past year and for good reason! It's important to feel confident in your lashes, especially if your schedule barely allows you to apply makeup. Aside from treatments like lash tinting and extensions, we've been on the look out for lash-friendly tools like the Charlotte Tilbury Life Changing Lash Curler and WE. ARE. OBSESSED. This particular product is known to give your lashes a little "lift"providing lasting volume and a lash-widening effect.

Images via Nordstrom & Charlotte Tilbury


Beachwaver Curling Iron

Backed by beauty bloggers and professionals alike, the Beachwaver S1 is a top favorite here at Refined Beauty. The ceramic rotating iron gives you those classic, subtle, and effortless waves in a short amount of time, fitting for any lifestyle or event. 

Images via Beachwaver and Whiskey and Lace

Image via It's Lauren Victoria

Image via It's Lauren Victoria

Make the Tools Work for You

No matter what you do with your beauty routine this Summer, make sure that your favorite tools are working for you. When it comes to finding the right tools, our rule of thumb is: research, invest, experiment. Now that the research has been done for you here, invest in making the tools work for you to give you the healthy, stylish hair that you keep dreaming about.

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Happy Earth Day! What It Means To Be A Sustainable Salon

Happy Earth Day! What Sustainable Salons Do For You & Our Planet

Happy Earth day to you and our beautiful planet! What does it really mean to be a sustainable salon? If you've ever wondered how businesses such as salons give back to the Earth, we are here to tell you how it all goes today! From supporting large sustainable product lines to simply re-using & recycling, we love to do all we can to sustain this Earth through beauty! 

Keep reading to see how being a green salon helps keep you and the Earth beautiful & sustained!

Being a Davines Salon

By now, we're sure you know how much we love and use beloved products from the Davines line! While the products smell gorgeous and make hair feel amazing, they also hold natural ingredients. This is crucial as it's part of our mission to give clients the best in products and services. After knowing what Davines really stood for, we decided to name ourselves an actual Davines salon. What does this mean exactly? It means that each business involved in the Davines-Salon partnership works toward sustaining the Earth one community at a time. From Uganda to Naperville, Illinois, their efforts entail inclusion in the sustainability movement through beauty!

Read more about Davines Sustainable Beauty Day & Month #SBMonth2018 here!

Image via  Microcosm

Image via Microcosm

Being a Green Circle Salon

With quality and sustainability at the forefront of our mission, it was a no-brainer in deciding to be a Green Circle Salon. They take lead in reducing salon's footprint while still upholding strong business values. If that's not a match made in heaven, we're not sure what is! Down to the very last hair foil, they give salons options and ideas when it comes to recycling and keeping things quality for clients and sustainable for the Earth.

"Our program ensures that hair, foils, color tubes, plastics, papers, and excess color, and many other materials get diverted out of the waste stream.” - Brandy Atkinson, Green Circle Salons

Staying Green & Giving You Our Best

So, what does it mean to be a sustainable salon? It means giving our community the best in quality while keeping our footprint to a sustainable minimum. It means keeping our salon and products natural and recycle-friendly. It means restoring your hair and the salon with top quality efforts. Happy Earth day and thanks so much for sticking with us during Sustainable Beauty Month #SBMonth2018!

How can you help us keep the beauty industry sustainable? Check out our top ways here!

April is Sustainable Beauty Month! What Can you Do to Celebrate #SBMONTH2018?

Hello all and happy Earth/Sustainable Beauty month! After basing Refined Beauty off of a green circle mission and the inclusion of non-toxic, sustainable hair products in our salon, April truly is a great month for us. We take it as a time to remember why we chose to be a green circle salon and how it has been greatly beneficial for us, our wonderful clients, and of course, our Earth's ecosystem. While we could go on for days about why it's great to be a #sustainablebeauty salon, we thought we'd share how we can all begin to make a difference through sustainability. 

To learn how you can be an effective part of #SBMonth2018, keep reading!

"Once a year we decide to set everything else aside and celebrate Earth Month, or what we now call Sustainable Beauty Month. It’s a time where we choose to focus on supporting and celebrating our Davines salons that work towards balancing beauty and sustainability". - Davines

Image via  Foxy Cheeks

Image via Foxy Cheeks

Limit your Shower Time

It's important to actively watch how much water we use in one day. When it comes to beauty, it's actually quite easy to use a minimal amount of water. In our experience, it takes no more than a 5 minute shower to properly clean and rinse both your hair and body. It's even proven to be enough time to shave your legs! While in the shower, cover things like brushing your teeth and cleansing your face. This helps spare the amount of times you turn the sink on and off. 

Re-Use your Cosmetic Bottles

A huge part of being sustainable is re-use. Instead of tossing out your empty cosmetic containers and bottles, wash them with a drop of soap and a cup of water. Once they've dried, think about refilling them with another cosmetic product or cutting it open for a more mundane use. Filling your containers with things like hair ties, bobby pins, or even better, a plant, is the perfect way to feel like the ultimate conservationist. Among our favorites is the stylish Davines product bottles!

Use Natural Lighting

This is a not-so-obvious tip which is why we love it! Thinking of ways to be sustainable requires thinking outside of the box and paying attention to how we might be wasteful on a daily basis. To conserve more energy, consider moving your vanity or makeup area toward a big window or a space in your home that retrieves a lot of natural light. This will not only give you correct makeup coloring but keep you from absorbing too much electrical energy in the bathroom. 

Support Sustainable Beauty Companies

While still growing, the sustainable beauty industry has been so beneficial to our Earth and beauty professionals. We are proud to call ourselves a sustainable beauty and Davines salon. One of the best parts about supporting sustainable beauty companies is the fact that they support other charities. See a full list of sustainable beauty companies here!

Image via  Design Milk

Image via Design Milk

Conserve in the Name of Beauty

While there is much more to being a sustainable citizen, we thought we'd start you off with these basics on how to be sustainable in your beauty efforts. It all starts with one person, one small recycling act, and a little bit of continuous effort! How are you making a difference during #SBMonth2018? We would love to know your creative recycling ideas!

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The Best Foods for Ultimate Hair Growth

It's no secret that having healthy hair means covering all of your health bases. While you can have the best products or stylist on hand, the key to long term (healthy) hair growth lies within your diet, water intake, and overall health. We've always thought of this as an interesting way to maintain and restore hair growth, as it's not often talked about.  What if you could start your journey to hair growth through food? Well, we're about to show you the best foods for healthy hair growth and you won't want to miss it. Keep scrolling to learn!

Image via  Glaminati

Image via Glaminati


The hair is made up of many vitamins and nutrients. Including certain things into your diet simply enhance or supplement them. One of the major building blocks of your hair is protein which is thankfully, quite easy to implement into your daily diet! For strong and protein-based hair, be sure to regularly eat foods like eggs, Greek yogurt, and poultry (turkey or chicken).

Omegas & Fats

Your body doesn't produce the healthy, unsaturated fats that you need and get from foods like nuts, avocados, flax seeds, and salmon. By including these foods into your diet, you reduce inflammation, ultimately letting things like hair follicles do their thing: providing mega shine and fullness!

Vitamins A, E, & C

Vitamins - we know we need them but making sure we're sufficient in them is easier said than done. By including vitamins A, E, and C into your diet, you up the amount of iron and protein in your body and supply the hair with things like collagen, giving rich body to your hair growth structure. Vitamin rich foods: citrus fruits, spinach, and orange veggies (sweet potatoes, cantaloupe, mango, carrots, and pumpkin). 


Having strong hair is just as important as having long hair. If your goal is to have long hair, making sure it's strong and sustainable is what gives it a chance for long term health and resistance against constant coloring and/or styling. The best iron-rich foods to work into your diet are dark leafy greens, Legumes, and dark chocolate!

Refined Beauty Boutique.jpg

Now that you know the key foods for ultimate hair growth, it's time to start focusing on how and when you'll start implementing them into your diet. One of the ways we love to track our progress is with a hair journal and pictures on our phones. Starting on day one, track what foods you plan to put into your diet and take a "before" photo. Save both of those in your notes app and check back a month or two later, documenting the progress that's been made. We guarantee you'll be surprised with the hair growth progress and with your overall health! Have you ever tried changing your diet to improve overall hair growth? We would love to know your stories and experiences in the comments below!

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