A Classic bride


There are so many different wedding themes to choose from when deciding on creating your dream wedding.  Deciding on a theme can be complicated from the popular personalization of a wedding and the massive, beautiful collections on Pinterest. We wanted to simplify the process and start a cheat sheet for you. There are so many options to go with, but keep calm and remember you are the Bride so anything goes. We choose our top Theme Picks for 2016. The Classic Bride is on our radiar as a standard go to.  A theme must match your personality and style.  From your hair to your center pieces you want a look that will flow throughout the night.  We have broken up our posts not to overwhelm you, so this week we will focus in on the classic bride.



 A classic bride is all about recreating a timeless rich look. Bold accent colors, more structured and embellished dresses, and lots of fine details are what create a true Classic Wedding. A classic bride to us has more of a sexy edge to the party theme and design.


Lace is so elegant and this neckline is perfect for a smaller frame.  This silhouette is classy and sexy.  The bone-in corset design looks gorgeous on a long slender torso.






We love the elegant details of this dress and the headpiece we are drooling over as well.  This dress cinches at the waist giving more highlight to a smaller waist.  The vertical seams add the right amount of detail and create the illusion of length and slimness.  



This dress we think would look great on the curvy body and accentuate a smaller waist.  The sweetheart neckline and cup works great on those who want to show a little cleavage and are bustier.  This is just a unique and classic shape.


A designer dress needs to be paired with a classic hair design.  We love low chignons and soft hairstyles.  Crowns and side barrettes pair well with these dress designs too.  It is always about finding good balance.  We selected a few of our original designs.  





A soft wave frames a brides face beautifully.  We love adding a veil that has intricate detail that complements the dress.  Keeping the hair away from the face will highlight the decolletage and showcase the details of the dress more.






Makeup can be worn natural or with more emphasis on the lashes.  For a bold bride go with a classic red lip. We believe makeup should always look more timeless.


A classic wedding needs to be in a classic venue.  One of our local favorites is the Hotel Baker, located in downtown St. Charles.  Its classic charm is unique and cozy.  The decor in these rooms is so elegant and classy, however it is your canvas so you can create any color pallet with this option.




Flowers are what give the wedding a finishing touch.  We are seeing more organic shapes and wild flower bouquets.  From the center pieces, hairpieces, and bouquets, flowers are everywhere and we love it!  For the classic wedding we love all white and of course blush.








A classic wedding is a topic we could write about all day.  There are so many more details to add to make this wedding complete.  From the jewelry, dessert, drinks, and decor, a classic wedding maybe timeless, but still detailed and personalized.  Stay tuned for are next articles on our top wedding picks for a theme!