Get Healthy Hair Before You Get Married

Congratulations you just got engaged!  Most Brides have approximately one year before they say, “I Do”, which means, we need to get to work.  Beauty care is essential in the preparation to your Best Day Ever.  Between the stress of planning, your future mother in-law (or mom), and celebrations, stress can be a hindrance to our beauty.  Don’t worry though, because we gathered the best guide to achieving health hair for your Wedding Day.



Lets start with… where you are at, and where you want to go with your hair.  The majority of women color and/or use heating tools on their hair.  First, make an appointment with your stylist and colorist.  Discuss the current state of your hair and create a goal of what you want your hair to look like for your wedding day.  You will need to discuss the health condition, color, style you are thinking you would like to wear, in addition to your current length and if you will be needing extensions.  We know it is much to discuss, but it will be worth setting up a game plan and set you up for success with your hair care providers.




Begin with using the recommended Shampoo and Condition that will provide the most care to your hair needs; such as strength, color care, or moisturizing.  I always teach that weakened hair trumps everything.  You must focus on restoring protein (strengthing) back to your hair before you do anything.  Hair needs a balance of protein and moisture to be healthy.





Schedule out your hair cuts and color appointments for the year.  Think about your agenda and the many events this year will hold, such as: your engagement photos, engagement party, wedding shower, bachelorette party, and of course the WEDDING DAY!  Plan accordingly to ensure your hair looks amazing all year long.  Getting a healthy trim every 8-10 weeks keeps your ends looking their best.  Highlights are scheduled 10-12 weeks with color touchups in-between if you have multi-tonal hair color.  I recommend getting your hair colored leading up to your wedding day and schedule your last appointment one week prior to The Big Day.





I always teach that healthy hair is always the trend, and there are many amazing products that you can use at home to maintain and promote healthy hair.  Always use a thermal protectant prior to your styling tools.  To insure you are giving yourself enough protection, I recommend using a product that is focused on your hair concerns and protects your hair from the blow drier.  After your hair is dry and you are finishing your style with an iron, use an additional product that is specifically for thermal protection on dry hair.  I find that serums and creams work great on thick coarse hair, while gels and sprays work best on normal to fine hair. Be cautious with the amount of heat you place on your hair since too much can strip moisture and leave hair looking raw and damaged.


Once a week make it a priority to treat yourself.  Is this wishful thinking?  I recommend a Sunday Funday should be your “Beautify The Bride” day.  This is your day to incorporate your deeper treatments to your hair, skin, and well-being.  Mask treatments are created in a thicker concentrate of nutrients and come in a variety of formulas to suite your hair type and condition.  After you cleanse your hair, squeeze out excessive water, and then apply typically a teaspoon of your mask to your hair.  Focus on your ends since this is where most hair is lacking shine and takes the most abuse.  Leave mask on for 5-10 minutes for maximum benefits.  You can also ask your stylist about in-salon treatments if you need an extra boost of help to get your hair healthy.



If you are thinking about changing up your style as you are in preparation for your wedding, consider doing this earlier in the year.  Hair does not need to be past your rib cage to be placed in a beautiful updo, however if your hair is on the shorter side, consider getting extensions.  I recommend getting extensions early as well to become familiar with the daily care and change.  The same thought process should be with your color, if you are thinking to change your color start early.  Do you want to pull a Kim Kardashian, black to blonde and maintain length (please don’t)?  Be realistic of what you are requesting.  Doing this dramatic change could leave you further stressed and your hair too.  I would not recommend doing something this dramatic when getting married, although I did cut 6” off seven months prior to my wedding and loved it!





Being a bride is a year to shine and so should your hair and skin.  Timeless beauty is what my goal is for every woman.  Bring out the best version of you on your wedding day will always be a success.  Finding the right person to marry is the tough part and getting beautified shouldn’t!