Healthy Skin Care



8-12 MONTHS prior to your wedding is the perfect time to start and maintain healthy skin.  Every bride wants that glow to their skin on their wedding day.  There is so much to celebrate, but between the parties and stress of planning a wedding, our lifestyle shows up quickly in our skin.  Here are my best tips on getting your skin healthy, and ready for YOUR BIG DAY.


First, schedule an appointment with an esthetician.  Discuss your skin care concerns and goals for your skin.  Schedule the necessary facials leading up to your wedding day, which will also force you to take time to RELAX.  Book a facial every six weeks to see maximum results, in addition to your recommended home care regiments.  Deeper treatments such as Vitamin C and/or Collagen Facials, and Microdermabrasion, will give your skin an amazing balance and glow!

If you are experiencing acne it may be best to see a dermatologist, since it may not be a topical issue.  Skin challenges take time to correct so pick up the phone and call your skin care professional a.s.a.p.!





Next, lets reevaluate your skin care routine.  Are you washing your face every night?  Are you using the correct products that are suited for your skin concerns and needs?  Your esthetician can help you select what is best for your skin type, and recommend the best routine to insure what you are using is actually beneficial and effective. 


There are a few key ingredients that work best for skin, however each person’s skin needs a specific recommendation, so I am speaking in general.





Exfoliants, Vitamin C, Vitamin A, and SPF is skin care essential ingredients (or tools) to achieve a healthy glow.  Exfoliants come in many different forms: sugar scrubs, salicylic acid [awesome for chicken-skin], AHA, BHA, and a Clarisonic brush; however these should not be abrasive on the skin, and used at least 3x a week to brighten your skin.  After you exfoliate, it is the best time to add vitamin C, and other more intense skin care formulas.  Vitamin C is essential for healthy skin, anti-aging, and it is a multi-purpose key ingredient.  I also love products that contain peptides, glycolic acid, Hyaluronic Acid, and natural anti-aging ingredients.  Vitamin A or retinol is a cell communicating ingredient (improves skin structure) and an antioxidant.  SPF is a must, and will protect your skin, and prevent skin aging.  This will be your final step in skin care and should be worn daily in SPF 25+.  We all want that sun kiss glow, however test out sunless tanning beds, sprays, and lotions in advance so you know you will not look like an Oompa loompa.


In addition to these effective ingredients and hot tips, do not forget about scheduling your waxing according to your calendar.  As a makeup artist, if you need a facial wax it is best to receive this service at least one week prior to your wedding.  Makeup does not adhere well to freshly waxed or threaded skin.  If you have a fuzzy face there are last minute shaving and tweezing techniques that your artist can do for you prior to your application as a minor touch up. 




Crows feet, frown lines, smile lines, and facial wrinkles can be taken care of quickly with Botox and dermal fillers for those pesky, unwanted, deeper facial challenges.  I’m no stranger to these visits, and with the right dermatologist this can be a great solution to almost immediately enhancing your youthful appearance.  Your skin care routine and regular facials should still be your number one choice to achieving a healthy skin glow.




So the bottom line is to be diligent with your skin care not just prior to your wedding, but all the time.  Its inevitable, we are all aging! Remember, wash you face every night, exfoliate, using anti-aging products, and never skip your SPF.  You will begin to see the results of a Bridal Glow in no time!