3 Rules For The Bride

It's one year out and you already have your to do list made.  When do you need to get everything accomplished?  It is important to create a successful and stress free wedding.  Everyone has advice and opinions for you on how you should have your wedding.  At the end of the day it must be what you and your significant other wants.  My expertise is all about your image and making you feel as good as you will look.  Brides deserve to look and feel special, beautiful and confident.  Here are my three-guideline rules to follow.  

  • Schedule your consultation five months prior to your wedding to shop around for your stylist and makeup artist.  

         -Look at their portfolio and skills to make sure it matches your expectation

         -Talk about the amount of time and money it will take to prep you and your bridal party

         -Schedule your appointment right away      

  • Five months prior take charge of your image

         -Strategically plan out your color appointments and how you want to have your hair colored 

         - If you need to add hair additions for fullness or length now is the time to test it out.  This way you can have a fresh set the month of your wedding

         -Start a home care hair and skin regiment.  Masks, facial creams, leave-in treatments and the right styling aids will insure your hair and skin will be bridal ready

  • Two months prior have a trial

         - Test out makeup colors and veil placements.  You do not want many surprises on your wedding day so a trial is a must!

        - Double check with your stylist and makeup artist on the schedule for the day of.  A great professional will have a preplanned schedule created to have a guideline to follow

       - Do not do anything dramatic.  For example, eyebrow-waxing pre plan ahead to insure you do not have any challenges.  I would suggest not doing anything too dramatic like changing of your hair either.  

There you have it!  These are my three beauty guideline rules for your wedding.  All brides deserve to look and feel beautiful.