Finding Your Undertone​

Knowing your undertone is imperative when selecting colors that look great on you. From clothing to makeup, the right colors can enhance or be a big distraction from your natural beauty.   It is searching beyond the surface to discover whether you are cool, warm, neutral, or olive.  Your undertone does not change, even though the sun may change the appearance of the skin.  There are a few different ways to discover your undertone, but first understand what each category stands for, then take the test. 

1. Do you look best in silver (cool) or gold (warm)?

2. What color are your veins? Green veins=warm, Purple/Blue veins= Cool  Blue/Green veins=Neutral

3. Do you burn easily (cool) or not at all (warm-neutral)?

4.  What colors complement your skin best Yellow and Browns (WARM) or Greys and Pinks (COOL)?

5.  Olive skin tones can be considered neutral, but some may lean more toward one spectrum over the other.

Below is a few diagrams that I found and thought were helpful.  Let me know what you think!