Your Bridal Hair and Makeup trial

What is a trial?  It is an opportunity to try out different ways you can create your dream look for your big day!

bridal inspiration.jpg

What to expect?  It is typical that these appointments are 2-3 hours long.  During this time it is important to discuss your likes and dislikes of your hair, makeup and skin.  Be prepared to give your beauty provider all the details and photos that you have so they will be on the same page.



What to bring?  If you have any photos of your dress, colors, hair décor and or veil, photos of the location of wedding, and anything that will give a vision of the theme of your wedding will be helpful to reveal your wishes for your wedding.  I also recommend bringing photos of you with your hair and makeup done to get an idea of your comfort level.  I usually request bride to come with clean dry hair and no makeup on.



Things to consider:  If you normally wear your hair in a ponytail then try a beautiful updo, sleek or undone, high or low.  If you always wear your hair down consider a half up half down look or even just one side swept back with a beautiful clip



Other things to consider are weather, month, and location:  On a very hot July day or a wedding in Florida consider wearing your hair all up off your neck especially if it is outside.  Also, on a windy day your veil might not be the best on the top of your head whipping the soon to be husband in the face.  If your hair is the type that is frizzy in rainy, humid temperatures, consider doing a smoothing treatment to control your texture.  Click here to learn more about this treatment.



After your trial:  Once the trial is completed take note of what you did and didn’t like.  It is trial so there can be alterations and improvements made.  Are there any beauty regiments that will improve your hair and skin?  Do you need to make any further appointments?  Ask yourself, if this person were the person you and your party would want to experience on your big day, would you enjoy their presence?  It is just as important to have an energetic, responsible, and friendly artist, as it is talented!


Last but not least: Please come prepared, patient and open-minded.  Your beauty technician might not know your personal taste, so all these details will help you to connect.  If you’re a good bride and you hired great talent, you will be sure to have a wonderful experience, and they will go above and beyond, especially for you on your wedding day.