We all know essential oils are good, but which ones should we be using, why, and how?


Now, more then ever, we are conscious of the ingredients of our products.  Although we may not all have the luxury and time to create our own

organic and effective products, we can pick up some essential oils and add them to what we are already using.  Essential oils have been all the

buzz in 2016 as more  people are becoming knowledgable and investing in safe and natural products.  There are so many amazing oils to

choose from and the power of their performance is why people are using them. 


Below are  5 essential oils we would suggest to bring into your

beauty routine if it speaks to your beauty challenges.




1.    Rosehip Seed Oil

rosehip seed oil


·      Reduces wrinkles

·      Lightens age spots

·      Improves skins elasticity

·      Smooth scars

·      Light weight

·      Absorbs quickly into skin


How to use it? 

     Apply a few drops to your favorite facial nighttime moisturizer and massage into your skin. 


            Also good for:

·      Dry Scalp

·      Brittle Nails

·      Acne


2.    Lavender Oil



·      Treat acne

·      Treat hair loss

·      Smooth wrinkles

·      Treat psoriasis

·      Repel mosquitoes


How to use it?

            Add this essential oil to your scalp, after you shampoo and condition your hair, and massage for 2 minutes.  Rinse thoroughly. 



3.    Carrot Seed Oil


·      Brightens skin

·      Treats hyperpigmentation

·      High in antioxidants

·      Anti-aging


How to use it?

            Add to your favorite daytime cream or use with coconut oil and massage into your skin.


4.    Cedarwood



·      Cure acne

·      Treat Dandruff

·      Treat oily skin

·      Promotes hair growth

·      Reduces skin irritations


How to use it?

            Add to your shampoo and conditioner or massage directly to scalp afterwards and let it sit for 30 minutes. Add one drop to your face cleanser or massage direct to your face if you suffer oily or acne skin.



5.    Geranium Oil



·      Regulates oil production

·      Reduce appearance of wrinkles

·      Improves skin elasticity

·      Reduce inflammation

How to use?

            Add 2 drops to your facial moisturizer day and night.




Hope you all feel inspired to start incorporating essential oils into your daily beauty regime.  I recommend starting out with a patch test first to make sure you are not allergic.  Remember to use within  moderation.



Have fun + stay beauty





PLEASE NOTE- I am not a doctor, esthetician, nor are any of these oils FDA approved to be used in this way.  Please check with your doctor first to see if these oils are right for you.