Our Favorite Products

After declaring ourselves a sustainable Davines salon, you might be able to tell that the brand holds some of our most favorite products. While we’ve included many of their products in our posts and in our salon routines for clients, we wanted to give you a narrowed down list of our top favorite products and list the reasons why we love them so much!

Image via XO Jane

Image via XO Jane

1. OI All in One Milk

Sometimes, there’s a product that does it all! From hydrating, to detangling, to minimizing frizz, the OI All in One Milk is one of Davines’ top rated products. Whether you have flyaways or frizz, running it through your locks after a shower keeps things feeling fresh and looking smooth. The scent and miracle working ingredient? Roucou oil - a naturally rich oil that provides hydration and stimulates melanin!

2. Award Winning OI Shampoo & Conditioner

After being named the go-to daily shampoo and conditioner by Refinery 29, it’s no wonder why we think of them as heaven on earth! Once they’ve been evenly applied and rinsed (very little application needed), hair is smoother, shinier, and more voluminous than ever. Being infused with the beloved Roucou oil that's full of beta-carotene & antioxidants, hair also gains strength and a gorgeously fresh smell. We only have one warning - once you try it you’ll want to use it forever!

Image via Could I Have That 

Image via Could I Have That 

3. OI Absolute Beautifying Potion Oil

During the Winter and Summer months, hair takes a beating. Whether it’s from constant styling or chlorine, it’s most likely to go through a dry and damaging rough patch. Since this is quite unavoidable, it’s important to have a good product on hand all year long. Not only does the OI Oil size make for the perfect stocking stuffer & fit perfectly in a handbag, it’s useful to apply it whether you’re styling your hair or not. Apply after a shower for smooth, shiny locks and let dry, or run through those little spurts of flyaways once you’ve already styled your hair.

4. Flamboyage

There’s nothing better than an innovative, brand new color-treatment brought into the world of beauty. Flamboyage isn’t so much a product as it a technique to develop a more natural color with incredible dimension. Using some of Davines top quality color products, we’ve incorporated flamboyage as one of our most favored color treatments and our clients agree! The creative application technique makes for some amazingly blended color affects. Stop in the salon today or contact us for more information on Flamboyage!

Image via Bloglovin'

Image via Bloglovin'

Giving you the rundown on our favorite products means letting you in on our hair care philosophy and values. Davines is an all natural-based brand which is something we hold close to our hearts. It’s important to us that people use a product that’s healthy for their hair and enhances their natural beauty, ultimately instilling confidence. It’s also important that they leave our chairs with a healthy view on beauty and aware that they can live that out in their daily lives. So, what’s your favorite beauty product? We’d love to know!

Hot Tips for the Cold Season: Small Beauty Changes for a Big Impact

As the weather changes, so does our hair and skin's need for TLC. This can cause you to dread your daily beauty routine which is stressful and just plain unfair! With what seems like so much maintenance and so little time, we want to provide you with the top tips for small but effective beauty changes this winter, bound to make your life easier and your busy days enjoyable!

Refined Beauty Boutique

Healthy Skin. Healthy Hair.

1. Even though we're not moving into the sunnier months, always use that SPF! If makeup is a part of your daily routine, make sure to clean your brushes frequently and gently apply a SPF based foundation. 

2. Hydrate like crazy! Aside from drinking a lot of water, make sure to apply a hydrating lotion or moisturizer to your face and body each morning and before bed if possible, preferably after a shower. This also includes finding a good, moisturizing lip stick or lip balm. Proper moisturization prevents dry, cracked skin which can be bothersome and painful! We recommend using Davines Authentic Nourishing Oil.

2. Exfoliate skin 3 times a week to remove dead skin for a brighter, youthful effect.  This creates the perfect surface for any other skincare products to be absorbed, making for the best impact! Our favorite is a sugar scrub since they are meant to be gentle on the skin.

3. While exfoliating and moisturizing is important, it's also crucial to be easy on your lovely skin. Let it breathe every now and then by using a humidifier but avoid using harsh temperatures when showering. This allows for skin to feel and look refreshed while defeating redness and dryness!

Refined Beauty Boutique

4. Apply a hair mask 1 time a week to repair and hydrate locks, making them healthier and shiny! Give the award-winning Davines Nounou shampoo a try!

5.  Use a wet brush or wide tooth comb with a detangler when hair is clean and damp. Brushing hair while it's wet can cause hair to snap! Try Davines OI Leave In Milk. It helps to protect, detangle, defrizz, hydrate and strengthen hair with its main power house ingredient Roucou. 

6. Balayage your solid hair color to create dimensions and brighten the face! 

7. Create a new texture to your locks and go wavy. Prior to curling, spray each section of hair for protection then once it's all curled, take a brush and break it down. Finish with a dime size of OI Oil to soften and smooth ends. 

8. Bored with your hair but scared to experiment with any physical changes? Change up your products and invest in tools like the Hot Tools 3/4” wand. Top it off with the Davines No Gas Spray for hold and shine! 

Refined Beauty Boutique

It's important to remember that you already have the beauty part down, gorgeous! Products and tips like these just make it easier for you to maintain the craziness throughout your crazy days, especially with the holidays coming up so quickly! With these hot tips, you'll be sure to stay on your game during this cold season. What beauty changes do you make from season to season? Share in the comments below!

Mentioned Products

Pre-Wedding Beauty Tips

Refined Beauty Boutique

Hello our soon-to-be-brides! Before deciding what pre-wedding beauty routine to start, hop on Pinterest and get some inspiration to find the look you'll want on your wedding day but also know your beauty team is there to consult and converse ideas with you. Us stylists are trained to know what looks good with the shape of your face, skin tone, hair color, dress style, and surrounding light. When we think about what will make you feel perfect on your big day, these are all of the things we consider. So, with a few of our pre-wedding beauty tips and your own preparation a month or two before the big day, you are sure to be bridal-beauty ready from head to toe! 

1. Face

Refined Beauty Boutique

When it comes to taking care of your face, you'll want to consider your lashes, brows, and skin. Whether you are into waxing / extensions or not, it's important to think about what you want your lashes and brows to look like on the day of your wedding. If you want them to be full but natural-looking, consider lash extensions and a brow tint or microdermabrasion. Make sure you schedule a lash fill at least 3 days before your wedding or a week if it's your first time trying it out. This allows the perfect mount of time for you to get used to them and let them relax from any possible irritation or swelling. For microdermabrasion, make sure to consult with your beauty team! We recommend starting the microdermabrasion process at least 7 weeks before the wedding or 3 days prior for an eyebrow tint. Making sure your skin is in its best condition, ask your beauty team what products they recommend for your skin type. A list of products you'll want to use - a cleanser, exfoliator, mask, eye cream, moisturizer (SPF!), and night cream. If needed, you can also use a spot treatment. As it gets closer to your wedding day, it's important that you do not switch up your beauty routine products and that you lower the usage of the exfoliator and the mask. Over-use paired with stress can cause your skin to go into a relapse, defeating the whole purpose! 

2. Body

Refined Beauty Boutique

The body always needs some TLC with things like exercise and healthy eating but when it comes to beauty, it's all about taking care of the skin! The number one thing you can do to protect your skin and keep it looking fresh for the wedding day is drinking tons of water and using SPF when out in the sun. Don't feel pressured to wear it all day every day, but definitely keep it in your purse for the days leading up to your wedding, especially if you'll be outside. Redness or a sun burn is the last thing you'll need! You'll also want to make your waxing arrangements about a week before the wedding. This will prepare you for both the wedding day and honeymoon but also allow enough time for any redness or irritation to go down. 

3. Hair

Refined Beauty Boutique

There's a pretty simple motto when it comes to preparing your hair for the big day... Be nice!! It's also important to plan out your hair appointments. If you're wanting to try out a new cut or color for your wedding day, we recommend doing so at least a month in advance, just in case you want to change things up. If you'll be sticking to your usual cut and color, making an appointment for that at least a week ahead of time is best. One thing we see brides neglecting is the condition of their hair. Make sure to minimize heat and styling use on your hair a few months leading up to the wedding and maybe even consider scheduling conditioning treatments.

Be proactive! If you plan to change things up, like your hair cut or color, make sure to think logically about it and consult with your beauty team. Timing has a lot to do with preparing before the wedding so keep the above tips in your back pocket when it comes to planning out your appointments (lash fill, brow fill, spray tan, wax, etc). All in all, it's so important to treat your skin, hair, and body with love and respect. Always wash a day's makeup off and be easy on your hair when it comes to washing and styling it. 

What are some beauty tips you like to follow when it comes to preparing for an event or wedding day?

Leave a comment below!

Wedding Beauty Trends for Fall 2017

How is it that bridal beauty has gone from extremely done-up to effortlessly-natural in a matter of 3-5 years? It's a sight we never thought we'd see but we are on board and ready to embrace it, especially with these six trends in particular. It's now October and we are ready to get into the nitty gritty of Fall beauty. So buckle up, and let's learn about all things braids, bolds, neutrals, and accessories!

Intricate Braids


It's no wonder that braids have become a hit these past five years. That's because they aren't just braids anymore. With the detail and intricacy of braiding now-a-days, they're an official "style" and at times, a work of art. They allow for beautiful, original detail with each head of hair while keeping things classy. This is why they have been so welcomed in the wedding world. You can get fancy or keep things looking natural. If you were wondering about rocking a braid on your big day, we say go for it. With the versatile style options, your stylist can help you create a stunning, original look!



We all know that opposites attract and with Fall coming up, we're about to see some seriously stunning, oppositional pairings! A color to keep on your radar: ox blood. One our faves so far - an ox blood lip paired with a neutral eye. If you have trouble deciding how dark to take your look, consider your hair and skin tone. If you naturally have extremely dark hair and fair skin, you can totally get away with a super dark lip. If you have natural honey tones, consider a dark color that leans toward red or pink rather than plum.  Another fav is matte dark mauve!



While this is similar to bold trends, we think of sultry as a little more relaxed, flowing, and a little less put together. Sort of like your calm, yoga-teaching aunt who is also a licensed HMUA creating a killer-yet-soft look for you on your wedding day. While she gives you a darker eye than normal, she knows just how to pair it with a neutral lip and somewhat-bohemian hair style. This can be beautifully done with almost any dress, hair style, and design scheme. In other words, it allows for some serious fun!


Refined Beauty

This one gives us absolute heart eyes (insert emoji here)! We give this one the cake for chicness & versatility, and here's why... A shimmery lid can take things in a classic or bold direction, can be paired with a bold, nude, or pink lip, and can allow for a done-up or very natural look. At the moment, brides tend to love the less-is-more look and with new trends such as shimmery lids, we are able to provide them with new, individual looks. Something everyone strives to have on their wedding day!

Au Natural


A natural, clean, and put-together look has been ruling 2017 so far, and has even busted its way into the wedding world. "Less -is-more" usually isn't the rule when it comes to weddings (we're looking at you 1982), especially with bridal beauty, and we understand why. There are cameras all over the place - professional cameras now-a-days, everyone is basically there to see the bride, and the pressure of looking like absolute perfection on your wedding day is so intense. We personally love when brides come to us asking for a natural, clean look. This allows us to put forth our mission of making women feel beautiful, just as they are. So if you didn't want to be covered in makeup on your big day, congratulations, it is now on-trend to do the opposite!

Hair Accessories

Refined Beauty

We consider this our time to play! While we love creating simple looks, we can't deny our love of playing dress up with our bides. Bridal embellishments and accessories are not just for jewelry and body adornment. After the floral crown craze, things began to die down a little and take a classy turn... Enter hair accessories! These allow us to put the finishing touch on any hair style and really dress things up in a subtle way. It also makes the brides feel like a true queen on their day, as they should. 

There you have it! These top Fall wedding trends have created a whole new wedding world and like we said, we are so on board. It allows brides to take their beauty from one end of the spectrum to the other, something we love to help them explore. If a trend allows us to go from bold and classic to natural and chic, we will be forever grateful of it. What are some of your favorite Fall wedding trends? Past, present, or future, we'd love to know!

Fall 2017 Beauty Trends

With all of the Pumpkin spice and decorations in store, it's no secret that it's Fall and that people are excited about it. We can't lie either. We are so excited for the new cuts, colors, and makeup trends that Fall allows us to play with! We will show you the trends to try and how to confidently rock your own style all season. Because let's get real, you look perfect in any season! Keep scrolling to know the runway-inspired and bold-yet-effortless trends that will ensure a smooth transition from the Summer to Fall months.



Refined Beauty

When it comes to your cut this Fall, keep it relaxed but feel free to have some fun too! Relaxed, smooth locks is the trend of 2017, allowing you to style and add color at ease. Davines' More Inside has amazing products to help you keep things smooth if you don’t feel like styling your hair, which is a great way to show your natural, grown out beauty. If you're wanting to mix things up a bit, middle parted, side swept bangs are the chicest thing on our radar right now! Think back to those 1970s Briget Bardot bangs or Jessica Biel’s current style. Throwing in some vintage vibes is the perfect way to settle your Fall style, specifically channeling some trends from the 70s. There’s something soft-yet-bold about them that creates a classic, effortless look.


Refined Beauty

This fall, your hair and your coffee might have a lot more in common than you think. When it comes to color, shades like mocha or caramel are all the rage right now and we are all for it! A mixture of undertones with color melting balayage create a mix that’s forgiving to all hair types, skin tones, eye color, and face shapes. We also love the fact that fun colors are so in right now! Adding pink, teal, or lavender to your locks is no longer for middle schoolers only. This is because it pairs so beautifully with the balayage trend. Check out this chocolate mauve color and burnt rose gold style. When it comes to choosing the right color for you, it’s important to do your research, communicate with your stylist, and go confidently with your decisions!



Usually, a dark lip and bold brows pairs beautifully with neutral eyes and nude nail polish. For Fall 2017, we can expect things to get a little more bold and electric. Add some shimmer! When applying a natural look, add a light pink shimmer at the inner corner of the eyes. To go bold, add a hint of blue to the eyes that pairs perfectly with a nude or dark lip. Smudge it out! Subtly smudged eye shadow at the bottom lid makes for an amazing, chic look. Smudging your upper lid eyeshadow a little higher with a softer color (pink or sienna) is also on-trend at the moment!


If you can’t already tell, keeping things simple but adding one little dazzling detail, like the statement mani, which perfectly offsets a look. It’s just a matter of finding the dazzling detail that works for you and what makes you feel like the stunning beauty that you are! Our favorite thing about this Fall is how easy it is to create an effortless, chic look. Most of these trends are inspired from the runway and favored because of their applicability and versatility. This means a smooth, enjoyable Fall for you when it comes to beauty. Don't be afraid to try something new, but also know that you've already got the goods, girl! Have fun this Fall!

Ultimate Father's Day Gift Ideas; For The Well Groomed Man

Happy Father's Day to all the great Dad's out there!  Check out these great ideas for gifts this year for your Dad or even great for your baby's Daddy to help maintain his image.  Men want to look and feel good too!  They love to be pampered just as much as we do.  So go ahead and skip the tie this holiday, and get him something he will really appreciate. 

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Memorial Day Weekend Style + Beauty Checklist

Memorial Day weekend is almost here!  Make sure you stay stylish + beautiful for all of your fun parties.  Here is the check list of our beauty essentials and fun accessories so you show up in style.


Highlight those check bones and add a fun summer glow to your skin with our favorite, Hourglass Ambient palette.

We are obsessed with kate spade.  This is a brand that is classic, fun, + girly.  Check out these super cute totes that you can fill up with all your beauty-on-the-go essentials.

Nothing says summer better then the color orange on your nails!  Its like a burst of tropical fun that looks great holding a delicious pina colada.

Doesn't Memorial Day need a flag somewhere or at least the pattern?  I think so!  A cute summer flag printed top or better yet some awesome kicks.  Land of the free because of the brave!

Last but not least...denim.  Love these fun denim dungarees found at Zara.  They are perfect for the outdoor BBQ.

Hope everyone enjoyed our checklist and has a fun + stylish weekend!  We want to thank all of the people that serve and have served our country.  

Love at first sight

Finally, the results of the romantic bride are in!  For this theme, it can pair well with a mixture of boho or the classic look.  Most brides choose this fairytale design based on that love at first sight feeling and being 'swept off my feet'.  The moment you try on one of these gorgeous bridal gowns you cry and just know it is the one.  That feeling of LOVE can be an overwhelming joy and this theme gives you just that!  Below we choose the best of 2016 Romantic Bridal Designs.




The Romantic bride is all about the frills and the glamorous details of the dress.  We are seeing more buttons, lace, and tulle on these romantic wedding gowns.  Backless or an intricate design creates personality to your dress and brings out the romance.



 The detail of this backless dress is STUNNING!  The crystals are delicately sewn onto the airy tulle fabric creating a sexy and romantic design. LOVE!  We also love this makeup application for a romantic bride.

 A Romantic bride should wear lots of blush and keep the eyes softer.  This is perfect for one who does not wear much makeup to begin with.  It's all about delicate simplicity to create romance.



 When we think of a romantic bride we think lots of texture in the hair.  If the dress has gorgeous details on the back defiantly wear your hair up and SHOW IT OFF!




 Creating a romantic wedding needs a delicious cake surrounded by gorgeous flowers and textured with coconut!  YUMMY

   Thanks so much for reading our blog.  If you have a topic you would like to learn more about we would love to know what you are interested in!

The Boho Bride


We are on a mission to define and create wedding themes as a fun guideline on how to decide what type of bride you are.  Last week, we spoke about the Classic Bride.  If you have not read The Classic Bride,

CLICK HERE, to get the latest scoop on the hottest classic themes of 2016.


One of the trendiest themes we are seeing is the nature loving, DIY, organic flowers, and décor for weddings.  This perfectly describes the Boho Bridal theme.  Is this you?  Keep reading






A halo of flowers in your loose wavy hair is a great way to create a natural bridal look.  We love braids and it is the go to hair design for this theme.  Hair accessories are another way to add more detail in your boho creation.  We recommend selecting a similar texture or embellishment in the dress and picking your hairpiece based on that concept. Click on the picture above to check out the hottest hair décor from BHLDN.  Below is one of our very own creations.  Yep, we think it is pretty and posh too!  Click Here to learn more about where this delicate lacy dress is from




The dresses for this theme are so unique.  From cap sleeves to ruffled fabric draping as the trail, the vintage inspired details are everything but plain.  Some of the dresses we do see can be very simple as in the fabric, and the shape, which is not complex, but is stunning.  When wearing a simple dress, it is the perfect opportunity to turn up the flowers, accessories, and hair design.




Organic hand tied flowers is all the rage right now.  Use a material that complements your dress to tie around the flowers and add more of a personalized finish.  If you do not have your flowers yet make sure to check out www.PlanningForParadise.com for the most stylish chick in Chicagoland!  The color schemes of 2016 are variations of rose quarts and serenity.  Incorporating these colors into your menu, invitations, bridesmaid’s dresses, and flowers is what will create a beautiful themed color pallet. To find more about the gorgeous lacy boho dress in the background CLICK HERE


So, do you think you are a BOHO BRIDE?  If yes, you have met your match.  If not, stay tuned for next week as we dive in deep into another genre of a bride's style!  Thank you for reading on Bridal Beauty Blog.  Got a topic you would like to discuss on weddings or beauty?  Leave us a note and get your topic featured!

A Classic bride


There are so many different wedding themes to choose from when deciding on creating your dream wedding.  Deciding on a theme can be complicated from the popular personalization of a wedding and the massive, beautiful collections on Pinterest. We wanted to simplify the process and start a cheat sheet for you. There are so many options to go with, but keep calm and remember you are the Bride so anything goes. We choose our top Theme Picks for 2016. The Classic Bride is on our radiar as a standard go to.  A theme must match your personality and style.  From your hair to your center pieces you want a look that will flow throughout the night.  We have broken up our posts not to overwhelm you, so this week we will focus in on the classic bride.



 A classic bride is all about recreating a timeless rich look. Bold accent colors, more structured and embellished dresses, and lots of fine details are what create a true Classic Wedding. A classic bride to us has more of a sexy edge to the party theme and design.


Lace is so elegant and this neckline is perfect for a smaller frame.  This silhouette is classy and sexy.  The bone-in corset design looks gorgeous on a long slender torso.






We love the elegant details of this dress and the headpiece we are drooling over as well.  This dress cinches at the waist giving more highlight to a smaller waist.  The vertical seams add the right amount of detail and create the illusion of length and slimness.  



This dress we think would look great on the curvy body and accentuate a smaller waist.  The sweetheart neckline and cup works great on those who want to show a little cleavage and are bustier.  This is just a unique and classic shape.


A designer dress needs to be paired with a classic hair design.  We love low chignons and soft hairstyles.  Crowns and side barrettes pair well with these dress designs too.  It is always about finding good balance.  We selected a few of our original designs.  





A soft wave frames a brides face beautifully.  We love adding a veil that has intricate detail that complements the dress.  Keeping the hair away from the face will highlight the decolletage and showcase the details of the dress more.






Makeup can be worn natural or with more emphasis on the lashes.  For a bold bride go with a classic red lip. We believe makeup should always look more timeless.


A classic wedding needs to be in a classic venue.  One of our local favorites is the Hotel Baker, located in downtown St. Charles.  Its classic charm is unique and cozy.  The decor in these rooms is so elegant and classy, however it is your canvas so you can create any color pallet with this option.




Flowers are what give the wedding a finishing touch.  We are seeing more organic shapes and wild flower bouquets.  From the center pieces, hairpieces, and bouquets, flowers are everywhere and we love it!  For the classic wedding we love all white and of course blush.








A classic wedding is a topic we could write about all day.  There are so many more details to add to make this wedding complete.  From the jewelry, dessert, drinks, and decor, a classic wedding maybe timeless, but still detailed and personalized.  Stay tuned for are next articles on our top wedding picks for a theme! 



Healthy Skin Care



8-12 MONTHS prior to your wedding is the perfect time to start and maintain healthy skin.  Every bride wants that glow to their skin on their wedding day.  There is so much to celebrate, but between the parties and stress of planning a wedding, our lifestyle shows up quickly in our skin.  Here are my best tips on getting your skin healthy, and ready for YOUR BIG DAY.


First, schedule an appointment with an esthetician.  Discuss your skin care concerns and goals for your skin.  Schedule the necessary facials leading up to your wedding day, which will also force you to take time to RELAX.  Book a facial every six weeks to see maximum results, in addition to your recommended home care regiments.  Deeper treatments such as Vitamin C and/or Collagen Facials, and Microdermabrasion, will give your skin an amazing balance and glow!

If you are experiencing acne it may be best to see a dermatologist, since it may not be a topical issue.  Skin challenges take time to correct so pick up the phone and call your skin care professional a.s.a.p.!





Next, lets reevaluate your skin care routine.  Are you washing your face every night?  Are you using the correct products that are suited for your skin concerns and needs?  Your esthetician can help you select what is best for your skin type, and recommend the best routine to insure what you are using is actually beneficial and effective. 


There are a few key ingredients that work best for skin, however each person’s skin needs a specific recommendation, so I am speaking in general.





Exfoliants, Vitamin C, Vitamin A, and SPF is skin care essential ingredients (or tools) to achieve a healthy glow.  Exfoliants come in many different forms: sugar scrubs, salicylic acid [awesome for chicken-skin], AHA, BHA, and a Clarisonic brush; however these should not be abrasive on the skin, and used at least 3x a week to brighten your skin.  After you exfoliate, it is the best time to add vitamin C, and other more intense skin care formulas.  Vitamin C is essential for healthy skin, anti-aging, and it is a multi-purpose key ingredient.  I also love products that contain peptides, glycolic acid, Hyaluronic Acid, and natural anti-aging ingredients.  Vitamin A or retinol is a cell communicating ingredient (improves skin structure) and an antioxidant.  SPF is a must, and will protect your skin, and prevent skin aging.  This will be your final step in skin care and should be worn daily in SPF 25+.  We all want that sun kiss glow, however test out sunless tanning beds, sprays, and lotions in advance so you know you will not look like an Oompa loompa.


In addition to these effective ingredients and hot tips, do not forget about scheduling your waxing according to your calendar.  As a makeup artist, if you need a facial wax it is best to receive this service at least one week prior to your wedding.  Makeup does not adhere well to freshly waxed or threaded skin.  If you have a fuzzy face there are last minute shaving and tweezing techniques that your artist can do for you prior to your application as a minor touch up. 




Crows feet, frown lines, smile lines, and facial wrinkles can be taken care of quickly with Botox and dermal fillers for those pesky, unwanted, deeper facial challenges.  I’m no stranger to these visits, and with the right dermatologist this can be a great solution to almost immediately enhancing your youthful appearance.  Your skin care routine and regular facials should still be your number one choice to achieving a healthy skin glow.




So the bottom line is to be diligent with your skin care not just prior to your wedding, but all the time.  Its inevitable, we are all aging! Remember, wash you face every night, exfoliate, using anti-aging products, and never skip your SPF.  You will begin to see the results of a Bridal Glow in no time!




Chicago Style Weddings

Holidays are around the corner, which means engagement season is approaching!  We had the pleasure of getting in touch to interview with Chicago Style Weddings Editor, Kelsey O’Shaughnessy, to find out more on this awesome company and help us get inspired for the begining of this love filled season.

Kelsey, tell us what is Chicago Style Weddings?

 "ChicagoStyle Weddings is a local publication for local couples. We curate the best images, advice, and ideas from Chicagoland professionals to make sure that our readers know what's going on in the wedding world. We love to chat with real brides and grooms and get their take on the planning process -- and we love to feature their weddings as much as possible. In addition to our print magazine, we also have a digital magazine, a blog, social media pages, and really great website. We aim to be a tool that can help take couples from engagement to aisle in the simplest -- and most fun -- way possible."

This sounds like the perfect start to help brides in their planning stages!  What is your role is this company?

"I am the Editor of Print of and Digital at CSW. It sounds complicated, but it really just means that I coordinate the production of the magazine and manage our social media pages. It's awesome because I basically just get to spend my whole day looking at gorgeous weddings and sharing them with all our readers."

What a fun career to have!  How did you land this awesome position? 

"I'm a local lady born and raised in the suburbs, and I went to college in the city for Communications. I focused on advertising and public relations in school, but when I graduated I knew I wanted to write. I actually called the publisher at the time and just bothered him until he interviewed me -- seriously! Persistence pays off, my friends. I hit it off with the team right away and the rest, as they say, is history!"


Congratulations to you, Kelsey!  Persistence and desire is the key to success.  The wedding industry is constantly changing.  So we want to know, what is your company currently working on to keep up with the pace?

"Right now we're in the heat of production for our January Supplement. As an annual magazine, we print a full issue every July. We change the cover six times a year to keep it fresh on newsstands. But really, a whole year is just too long! We don't want our readers to miss any of the upcoming trends, so we add 50 pages of new material to the existing magazine every January. Right now we're gathering images, putting together pages, and writing stories to make that 50-page supplement just as useful and interesting as the rest of the magazine!

We can't wait to read it!  So, what does it take, as an artist, to get work published on the cover or in your magazine?

"All it really takes is an email! There is nothing I love better than getting an email from a local artist asking to be featured by CSW! We use as many local vendors as possible in our magazine, featuring them in photo shoots, our gown gallery, the "Wed Essential" pages, and more. Plus, our blog is always filled with regional and national wedding pros. We live in such an amazing place with such an amazing community of artist and vendors. Step back, New York! Chicago's got a handle on this wedding business! So, if you have great work, we want to show it off!"

Really?!  An email is pretty simple to do!  Attention all artists:  Start sending your work to Kelsey for your chance to get published!  Hopefully we can fill you inbox with great stories and images.  You can reach Kelsey through email or phone.

Kelsey O’Shaughnessy

Editor of Print and Digital

P: (847) 584-2626 X110


What is the future plans for CSW?

"ChicagoStyle Weddings has been changing! About a year and a half ago we had a new publisher take over and she is on a mission! Our goal is to provide timely, relevant, and trendy information to all engaged couples in the Chicagoland area. We're expanding our vendor lists, creating new content, and testing out some new graphics to ensure we're providing a truly luxury planning experience for all our couples!"

Everyone loves a luxury experience.  So excited for everyone at CSW!  Speaking of luxury, what are some of the trends you are seeing for the 2016 Bride?

"One of my favorite trends is a return to beautiful "flowy" gowns. It's been a trend that's been growing for a while, but now we're seeing it on all the runways for spring and fall 2016. An A-line dress or a ballgown with a lot of soft tulle and a great defined waist will make anyone look great! We're also seeing so much of Pantone's Color of the Year, Marsala. It's such a gorgeous, rich tone -- perfect for a fall or winter wedding! But my favorite trend by far is personalization. It's not new, but it's growing. Guests love to see couples infuse their ceremony and reception with bits of their personality. So go ahead -- monogram those napkins! Write your own vows! Feature your favorite craft beers! Make it your own! There is nothing more special than a wedding where guests say,'It was just so...them' ."

Wow, we can envision this now!  Its all about the Brides unique and personal style.  Chicago is a busy city and always has the best events.  Anything on the calendar that is a must do?

"There are always TONS of events happening in the wedding world! Did you know engagement season is coming up? It starts right around the holidays. I suggest you check in on our events page (http://chicagostyleweddings.com/wedding-events.aspx?m=11) regularly to see what's coming up! Most notably, we're thrilled to be part of Wish Upon a Wedding Chicago's upcoming gala, "A Night with the Stars" at the Adler Planetarium (http://www.eventbrite.com/e/wish-upon-a-wedding-chicago-blissful-wishes-ball-tickets-18034871787)! It's going to be a blast and we're truly passionate about the cause!"

That sounds like a wonderful event!  We are excited for this season to begin and we are super thrilled we had the chance to hear from you.  Thank you Kelsey for your time.  Be sure to check out more info at http://www.chicagostyleweddings.com.  

Thanks for reading!  xoxo, Jennifer Jade | Beauty Expert

We want to hear from you! Leave us a message if you want more information on what’s happening in Chicago and in the beauty industry. Do you have a topic or business to discuss? Please email me for a chance to get your message or business noticed! We appreciate your support and thank you for following us.

All photos were featured with CSW


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Furla Studio, furlastudio.com

Ocken Photography, ockenphoto.com

(All of these images are from our Designers’ Challenge or our Fashion Shoots from CSW's current issue!)