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Holidays are around the corner, which means engagement season is approaching!  We had the pleasure of getting in touch to interview with Chicago Style Weddings Editor, Kelsey O’Shaughnessy, to find out more on this awesome company and help us get inspired for the begining of this love filled season.

Kelsey, tell us what is Chicago Style Weddings?

 "ChicagoStyle Weddings is a local publication for local couples. We curate the best images, advice, and ideas from Chicagoland professionals to make sure that our readers know what's going on in the wedding world. We love to chat with real brides and grooms and get their take on the planning process -- and we love to feature their weddings as much as possible. In addition to our print magazine, we also have a digital magazine, a blog, social media pages, and really great website. We aim to be a tool that can help take couples from engagement to aisle in the simplest -- and most fun -- way possible."

This sounds like the perfect start to help brides in their planning stages!  What is your role is this company?

"I am the Editor of Print of and Digital at CSW. It sounds complicated, but it really just means that I coordinate the production of the magazine and manage our social media pages. It's awesome because I basically just get to spend my whole day looking at gorgeous weddings and sharing them with all our readers."

What a fun career to have!  How did you land this awesome position? 

"I'm a local lady born and raised in the suburbs, and I went to college in the city for Communications. I focused on advertising and public relations in school, but when I graduated I knew I wanted to write. I actually called the publisher at the time and just bothered him until he interviewed me -- seriously! Persistence pays off, my friends. I hit it off with the team right away and the rest, as they say, is history!"


Congratulations to you, Kelsey!  Persistence and desire is the key to success.  The wedding industry is constantly changing.  So we want to know, what is your company currently working on to keep up with the pace?

"Right now we're in the heat of production for our January Supplement. As an annual magazine, we print a full issue every July. We change the cover six times a year to keep it fresh on newsstands. But really, a whole year is just too long! We don't want our readers to miss any of the upcoming trends, so we add 50 pages of new material to the existing magazine every January. Right now we're gathering images, putting together pages, and writing stories to make that 50-page supplement just as useful and interesting as the rest of the magazine!

We can't wait to read it!  So, what does it take, as an artist, to get work published on the cover or in your magazine?

"All it really takes is an email! There is nothing I love better than getting an email from a local artist asking to be featured by CSW! We use as many local vendors as possible in our magazine, featuring them in photo shoots, our gown gallery, the "Wed Essential" pages, and more. Plus, our blog is always filled with regional and national wedding pros. We live in such an amazing place with such an amazing community of artist and vendors. Step back, New York! Chicago's got a handle on this wedding business! So, if you have great work, we want to show it off!"

Really?!  An email is pretty simple to do!  Attention all artists:  Start sending your work to Kelsey for your chance to get published!  Hopefully we can fill you inbox with great stories and images.  You can reach Kelsey through email or phone.

Kelsey O’Shaughnessy

Editor of Print and Digital

P: (847) 584-2626 X110

What is the future plans for CSW?

"ChicagoStyle Weddings has been changing! About a year and a half ago we had a new publisher take over and she is on a mission! Our goal is to provide timely, relevant, and trendy information to all engaged couples in the Chicagoland area. We're expanding our vendor lists, creating new content, and testing out some new graphics to ensure we're providing a truly luxury planning experience for all our couples!"

Everyone loves a luxury experience.  So excited for everyone at CSW!  Speaking of luxury, what are some of the trends you are seeing for the 2016 Bride?

"One of my favorite trends is a return to beautiful "flowy" gowns. It's been a trend that's been growing for a while, but now we're seeing it on all the runways for spring and fall 2016. An A-line dress or a ballgown with a lot of soft tulle and a great defined waist will make anyone look great! We're also seeing so much of Pantone's Color of the Year, Marsala. It's such a gorgeous, rich tone -- perfect for a fall or winter wedding! But my favorite trend by far is personalization. It's not new, but it's growing. Guests love to see couples infuse their ceremony and reception with bits of their personality. So go ahead -- monogram those napkins! Write your own vows! Feature your favorite craft beers! Make it your own! There is nothing more special than a wedding where guests say,'It was just so...them' ."

Wow, we can envision this now!  Its all about the Brides unique and personal style.  Chicago is a busy city and always has the best events.  Anything on the calendar that is a must do?

"There are always TONS of events happening in the wedding world! Did you know engagement season is coming up? It starts right around the holidays. I suggest you check in on our events page ( regularly to see what's coming up! Most notably, we're thrilled to be part of Wish Upon a Wedding Chicago's upcoming gala, "A Night with the Stars" at the Adler Planetarium (! It's going to be a blast and we're truly passionate about the cause!"

That sounds like a wonderful event!  We are excited for this season to begin and we are super thrilled we had the chance to hear from you.  Thank you Kelsey for your time.  Be sure to check out more info at  

Thanks for reading!  xoxo, Jennifer Jade | Beauty Expert

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