Taking care of hair extensions

Hair extensions are simple and fun to take care of at home.  The most important steps to take is to brush your hair twice a day.  Naturally we shedd anywhere from 50-100 hairs a day if the hair is still attached to our head because of the extension pieces then these stray hairs have the tendence to tangle with each other.  When you brush your hair from root to tips it keeps your hair behaving and tangled free. 

Secondly, your exrtensions are 100% human hair so it is imperative to use professional hair care to nourish your new locks.  Hair needs a balance of moisture and protein to be healthy.  Ask your extensionist what they would recommend what is best for you.  I am a huge fan of Kerastase and Morrocain Oil brands to smooth, detangle and create healthy hair.

Lastly,  sleep with your hair in a loose pony tail.  As we sleep we can move around and create new tangles in our hair.  Sleeping with a pony tail can insure we wake up tangled free.  




Enjoy loose braids and loose waves with your extensions.  I believe it is a great way to not feel the need to mess with your hair as much.  You absolutely can curl and straighten your hair but you may find that you wont need to as much.  Give your hair a rest and let it be once in a while. Always keep heat atleast 1" away from bond and always thermal protect your locks.

Once you remove your extensions I recommend a good trim, treatment and a fresh color.  You can add your extensions right away if you took these steps to care for your hair.  I would recommend three months for fine hair to wear your extensions and up to six months depending on how fast your hair grows and the condition and density of your natural hair.