Hot tips on how to prep your skin + learn about makeup foundation

Special occasion makeup application is in full swing right now for Refined Beauty as Prom, Weddings, and Events are filling our schedule.  I wanted to write about skin and foundation because it’s a fun topic to discuss as a Makeup Artist and everyone who wears makeup should know about.


I believe women who wear foundation correctly can look healthier and more attractive.  Between the instagram and you tube artists though many girls are applying makeup to transform their faces.  Dramatic contouring, caked on foundation, layers and layers of makeup will just make most people look #instaugly.  So lets talk foundation so we can speak the same lingo.  Foundation’s main purpose in my opinion should help enhance your skin to its healthiest appearance.

Please...just don't!

Please...just don't!


Start with your skin-

            Exfoliate with an appropriate product 3x/week and wash your face every night.  Daily moisturizers and SPF should be your BF.  Start giving your face treatments, facials, and love to get the best skin results and canvas for makeup.

  •  Before applying makeup clean + exfoliate + moisturize areas that are dry

            *HOT TIP- exfoliate your lips especially the week of your wedding.  Soft and smooth lips will not only look kissable, but also give your lipstick longevity.  Try using a toothbrush, warm water, and sugar (yummy). For 2 minutes massage toothbrush on lips in a circular gentle motion and finish with an emollient chap stick.



            Primers are meant to fill in all the lines in our skin to help foundation stay on our face longer with a smoother finish.  Choose one according to your skin type.  Smashbox makes a nice variety.  I personally use Embryolisse Hydra Mat for oily/shiny skin and Lait Crème for normal to dry skin. 


            *HOT TIP- eye cream works wonders for daily use to prevent wrinkles and before makeup.  Use your ring finger and gently pat cream around the eyes.


Foundation Types

            Tinted Moisturizer, Powder, Liquid, and Cream.  Choose your weapon based on your skin type, desired finish, and how long you want to wear your makeup without touching it up.


  • Tinted Moisturizers are great for dry skin, lightweight and typically sheer.  My favorite is NARS Pure Radiant Tinted moisturizer because it is lightweight and is 30SPF …AWESOME!


  •  Powders are great for oily skin and can be used alone or on top of another foundation to set it in place. Powders generally give a soft satin finish, and most have a buildable coverage.  My favorite is MAC Mineralized Skinfinish Natural, because it gives the skin a healthy glow and satin finish.


  • Liquid foundations can be thin to a thick formula and typically gives the skin a healthy glow.  It also can be light to full coverage and is great for more dry skin types.  My favorite is MakeupForever Mat Velvet because it covers imperfections for a flawless finish!


  • Cream foundations typically are a medium to full coverage that is buildable and versatile.  They work well on most skin types and give a beautiful finish to skin. My favorite is Kevyn Aucoin The Sensual Skin Enhancer because it gives a dewy finish to skin and super versatile.



            Dewy, natural, illuminating, Matte are different finishes you can achieve with using the right foundation. 

  • If you have oily and shiny skin I would recommend a matte finish so your makeup wont slide off your skin. 


  • Give tired, dull skin an illuminating finish by using my favorite MAC Strobe Cream, which you can apply under your foundation to give you a glow from within (perfect for the glowing bride).



            Fingers, brush, sponge, or airbrush are all different ways to apply your foundation and will give you all different results. 

  • Airbrush is great for sensitive skin and gives skin a natural dewy finish plus it is waterproof (perfect for emotional occasions).  I used Temptu and love the dewy formula.


  • I love using my fingers to apply concealer because the heat of your fingers can melt the product into the skin along with the gentle patting movement allows you to control the product in this delicate area. 


  • A sponge works best when wet, working in a bouncing motion which gives the skin a natural light finish, and helps to eliminate lines and streaks. 

  * My favorite is my Beauty Blender because it gives a natural finish to the skin.

  • A synthetic foundation brush will give a full coverage application and works well will liquid, creams, and powders.


Now that you understand the different types of foundation, tools, and finishes you should have an easier time selected your products and have better success with your application.  As the weather is changing so should your makeup, so enjoy your new tips and thanks for reading!


Stay beautiful,