Summer Hair Trends & How to Treat Them

Summer is for soft tones and fun styles! To accomplish any look while keeping your hair healthy, it's important to invest time and research in the best products out there. Lucky for you, we've done the research, so now it's time for you to sit back, absorb the inspo, and shop our most favorite Summer products to keep your hair Summer ready! Read on!

Textured Waves

Image via  Pinterest

Image via Pinterest

You can never go wrong with simply textured waves for Summer. It's the reigning trend of Summer and made possible with the perfect Hot Tools iron and hair SPF.

What to treat it with: Textured waves mean fun times in the sun and hopefully, soaking it up on the beach. No matter your style or occasion, make the Davines Su Milk hair SPF your best friend this Summer! 


Summer Shag

Image via  Z's Beauty

Image via Z's Beauty

It's time to bring some attitude to Summer and 2018 is the perfect year to do it. With just enough healthy texture and styling, you're going to be the hippest hottie at the beach! 

What to treat it with: Treating your hair to a beautiful shaggy texture takes time and styling. After so much styling and sporting it in the sun, you're going to need to replenish. Our favorite Davines Su Hair Mask will leave hair feeling renewed, rejuvenated, and rehydrated!


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Sleek & Straight Lob

Image via  Barney's

Image via Barney's

Thanks to icons like Jena Dewan, the sleek and straight bob/lob is breaking down the doors of traditional Summer trends. Protect your hair from that harsh heat and you'll be able to straighten your hair all Summer long while keeping it looking and feeling healthy.

What to treat it with: If you'll be straightening your hair often this Summer, you'll want to protect it from the harsh tool heat. Before you start straightening, evenly spritz your hair with the Davines Melu Hair Shine to keep hair nourished, strong, and ultra shiny. 


Mermaid Braids

Image via  Modern Salon

Image via Modern Salon

Get active or finalize a look with the perfect mermaid braid. Our only request? Be sure to keep your scalp, shoulders, and hair happy. 

What to treat it with and how: There's nothing better than a beautifully swept back braid for Summer. While no heat is needed, using a protectant like the Davines Su Hair & Body Wash for scalp, hair, and shoulder coverage is crucial. 


Summer Better Be Ready for You

Once you have your favorite hairstyle down and you treat it with the best of the best, you're set for Summer. So set in fact, Summer better watch out for you! When your hair looks good & feels good, you'll ultimately feel amazing. Have more Summer hair care questions for us? Share with us in the comments below!

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The Best Foods for Ultimate Hair Growth

It's no secret that having healthy hair means covering all of your health bases. While you can have the best products or stylist on hand, the key to long term (healthy) hair growth lies within your diet, water intake, and overall health. We've always thought of this as an interesting way to maintain and restore hair growth, as it's not often talked about.  What if you could start your journey to hair growth through food? Well, we're about to show you the best foods for healthy hair growth and you won't want to miss it. Keep scrolling to learn!

Image via  Glaminati

Image via Glaminati


The hair is made up of many vitamins and nutrients. Including certain things into your diet simply enhance or supplement them. One of the major building blocks of your hair is protein which is thankfully, quite easy to implement into your daily diet! For strong and protein-based hair, be sure to regularly eat foods like eggs, Greek yogurt, and poultry (turkey or chicken).

Omegas & Fats

Your body doesn't produce the healthy, unsaturated fats that you need and get from foods like nuts, avocados, flax seeds, and salmon. By including these foods into your diet, you reduce inflammation, ultimately letting things like hair follicles do their thing: providing mega shine and fullness!

Vitamins A, E, & C

Vitamins - we know we need them but making sure we're sufficient in them is easier said than done. By including vitamins A, E, and C into your diet, you up the amount of iron and protein in your body and supply the hair with things like collagen, giving rich body to your hair growth structure. Vitamin rich foods: citrus fruits, spinach, and orange veggies (sweet potatoes, cantaloupe, mango, carrots, and pumpkin). 


Having strong hair is just as important as having long hair. If your goal is to have long hair, making sure it's strong and sustainable is what gives it a chance for long term health and resistance against constant coloring and/or styling. The best iron-rich foods to work into your diet are dark leafy greens, Legumes, and dark chocolate!

Refined Beauty Boutique.jpg

Now that you know the key foods for ultimate hair growth, it's time to start focusing on how and when you'll start implementing them into your diet. One of the ways we love to track our progress is with a hair journal and pictures on our phones. Starting on day one, track what foods you plan to put into your diet and take a "before" photo. Save both of those in your notes app and check back a month or two later, documenting the progress that's been made. We guarantee you'll be surprised with the hair growth progress and with your overall health! Have you ever tried changing your diet to improve overall hair growth? We would love to know your stories and experiences in the comments below!

Feel like speaking with an actual person/stylist for hair growth tips? Contact the salon today!